Many of us work hard throughout our lives to earn enough to make ends meet. We are taught from a young age that hard work pays and most of us expect to take jobs that challenge us. But working hard pays so much more than just a salary. There is much to be taken from any job or any challenge that requires a great effort from us.

Working hard at something gives us a sense of purpose. There are plenty of opportunities to achieve and even a chance to excel at what we do. The type of work you do and the salary you earn affect this very little. Knowing that you have done your best means you can feel some pride for your efforts too. And recognition of your hard work can be the best reward of all.


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Most employers offer more than just a salary. They also provide a benefits package which could help toward medical or dental bills. You may also have some paid leave days. You’ll be able to contribute to a pension fund that will help support your cost of living when you retire. Employers also arrange your deductions. These serve to cover your insurances and taxes. Some of your deductions may add up to provide you with social security disability benefits should you become unable to work. Some employers have got this wrong before and if they have to the point where you fell below minimum wage that is illegal, consider talking to a legal professional about possible courses of action to get what is rightfully yours.


Who you are goes far beyond your job title. But your job can still provide you with a sense of self. After all, we often mention what we do for a job when we’re getting acquainted with someone. For some, the job defines us. It is a huge part of who we are. This can be especially true when you love the work you do. This can include unpaid work or voluntary work, caring or parenting. So what happens if you find you are unable to work due to illness, injury or disability?


Paid employment allows you to provide an income to support your whole family. While many of us are able to support our family financially, we all know the importance of emotional support too. Parenting can be hard work too at times. You might become a role model thanks to your outlook on life. Academic or career achievements won’t necessarily play a part in that. If you find you or your partner need to depend on disability benefits, then your income may fall. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still provide what your family needs most.


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There are many people who believe that paying taxes on your income is the way to contribute to society. Of course, the work you do may be contributing enormously to the lives in your community. It doesn’t need to be paid work. It could be spiritual, supportive, or physical assistance that you offer.

When you work hard at something, you can expect so much more than just financial recompense. You can find meaning and purpose. You can find satisfaction and personal achievement. And you can find a connection to others. Working hard at your personal challenges can be just as rewarding.