At times, we may all feel like our relationship with God is tested. Today’s busy lifestyle makes it easy to forget about Him, and it can often seem like we aren’t prioritizing our faith. That’s why it can often help to take a step back from everything and focus on strengthening our bond with God. And one of the best ways is to head off on a vacation. This will help you recharge your batteries as well as reassess your faith. But which vacations will be the best for helping your relationship with God? Here is a list of my favorites.


Camping is a great family vacation. The kids will love sleeping under the stars and being able to play outside every day. And you will appreciate just how cheap it is to take your whole family off for a week away! But it can also help your family get a lot closer to God as well. It gives them the chance to see the best of God’s creation, and they will be able to see Him work his magic in nature. It also gives you the chance to switch off all your technology and fully appreciate the outdoors. Plus, you will get the chance to worship God outside in the nature that He has created! If you don’t think your kids will sleep so good in a tent, you could see about buying a modern RV and going on a road trip!


Christian Camp

Bible and Christian camps used to be aimed just at children. But there are now many that let the whole family stay over! If there is one place that is going to help strengthen your bond with God, it is certainly Bible camp! There will be a range of leisure activities on offer, from hiking to sports. Plus, there will be numerous chances to take part in some Bible studies and religious talks. This is a great vacation if you want to spend time studying the scripture. You’ll be able to understand important teachings that have been written down by the disciples. It’s also a great chance for your children to experience independence. You can let them go off and play with the other children to help them make new friends and develop their social skills.


Island Holidays

If you have some spare money left over and want to treat your family to a big vacation, think about heading to Hawaii. Sure, it’s a great destination for soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful tropical landscape. But it can also serve a religious purpose as well. Traveling to Hawaii will give you the chance to follow in the footsteps of all the missionaries who settled on the islands. You can learn about how they brought Christianity to the native people of Hawaii. Visit the Wananalua Congregational Church in Hana. This is the only place you can experience a church service in both English and the Hawaiian language!
So next time you need to strengthen your bond with God, think about heading off on one of these vacations!