Homeschooling using Groupon

*****This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own****

To some the thought of being a stay at home mom means babysitting. They envision you sitting on the couch eating popcorn and candy watching your favorite soap operas. Being a stay at home is such more than that and homeschooling using Groupon helped me so much.

My stay at home schedule consists of cooking, cleaning, potty training being a entrepreneur as a blogger, t-shirt collection, podcast host, active member of my church and not to mention I homeschool my kids.

How do I find the time to homeschool? Homeschooling using Groupon

To help me perform my homeschool duties, I used DVD’s by Preschool Prep. These DVD’s teach colors, shapes, and phonics by the time my son was three he knew colors, name, shapes such as octagons. By the time he went to kindergarten they realized how much he knew and sent him straight to 1st grade. Right now my daughter is three and speaks in complete sentences knows her colors, shapes and can count to 20.

The preschool prep DVD’s can be pricey they normally sell for $129.95 but on Groupon you can get them for $39.99.


For items like this and more go over to Groupon Goods you can get great discounts and there is no membership fee to buy products.

Have you used Groupon?