In life, society demands that we conform to things that it deems acceptable. For example, as a teenager, you are expected to get good grades so you can get a college degree. As a young adult, your parents will wonder when you leave home and get your own place. And when you have a significant, marriage and children questions get asked!

Sure, getting married and having kids are brilliant ideas for some folks. But, staying single is better for others. The sad truth is that today’s society puts too much pressure on people to settle down. As a result, some folks end up making the wrong decisions about their lives just to please others.

Staying single as long as possible works out to be a good idea for many people. Here’s why:


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You have 100% control over your time

When you start a relationship with someone, you have to make a few sacrifices. For example, you will spend less time with your friends and more with your significant other. You’ll also have to plan much of what you do in your free time around them as well.

What that means is you don’t have much time to devote to yourself. As a single person, you can decide what you do with your day!

So, if you wanted to stay in bed until lunchtime, that’s fine. Or if you wanted to stay out late at night, that’s also okay. You have complete control over what you do with your time and the things you do in it.

You can have weird habits because “why not”!

Do you enjoy mixing random items of food together like whipped cream and toast? Perhaps you enjoy playing computer games while dressing up in a Batman costume? Or maybe you like to pretend you are a cat and meow at others as if they too were cats?

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Whatever your weird habits, it’s fine to have them when you are a singleton. Some might argue that those habits are the reason why you are single – but that’s a topic for another blog post!

If you don’t want to give up your weird habits, it makes sense to stay single just a little while longer!

You enjoy having money

A well-known fact of being in a relationship is your money doesn’t last long. For years, you might have put away spare cash in a savings account. Getting with someone means having to pay for household expenses and “treats” for your other half.

So, unless you do a lot of overtime and get a better paying job, your money won’t last as long as it used to do. If money (or, rather, having lots of it) is important to you, staying single a while longer is right for you.

Your parents got divorced

Quite a few couples prefer to stay as unwed partners in their relationships. It’s easy to think that one or the other don’t believe in such a commitment. But, the real reason is down to fear of getting divorced.


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When a person’s parents get divorced, they might assume history will repeat itself. Of course, we all know that doesn’t always happen. After all; we don’t live in the shadow of our parents and act just like they do. We are all independent people!

The thing is, the fear of divorce is so intense for some people that even being in a relationship just isn’t an option. Sure, there’s plenty of divorce help to support couples that are breaking up. However, quitting a relationship is hard when you’re married.

If you don’t want to worry about marriage and even relationship breakups, stay single. Being a singleton is easy, and you avoid the heartache! Yes, you might feel lonely at times, but you can occupy your spare time in many ways.

You have mental health issues

It may sound controversial – “stay single if you have mental health issues”. The dilemma with some folks is they seldom find partners that understand their problems. They might assume that everything is clear cut or black and white in the world. Of course, we all know that reality is rather complicated.

And if you enter a relationship with the wrong person, you could damage your mental health. It makes sense to concentrate on yourself first; you then won’t feel guilty about doing that. Also, if you do want to be with someone, it can be at a time when you feel ready – not when society demands it.

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Your hobbies take up much of your spare time

When you enter a relationship with someone, you must devote a lot of time to your other half. That leaves you with little time to enjoy the things you love doing when you’re not at work.

If your hobbies are ones that consume much of your spare time, stay single! Otherwise, your partner will feel they need to “compete” for your attention! So stay single and enjoy your hobbies, you might even be interested in looking at websites like so you can find some inspiration for new hobbies.

Sure, you could just give up your hobbies so that you could be with someone. It’s not something you should decide with little thought as it’s an important decision. After all; you don’t want to resent your significant other because you had to give something up!

You don’t want to “check in” with anyone

Are you someone that hates checking in with other people? You will no doubt have spent much of your early years doing just that with your parents. Imagine if you had to do the same with another person in your life?

If you want to be as free as a bird, don’t get into a relationship with anyone! You can then have the freedom to do what you want, whenever you wish. You don’t need to worry about getting home for a particular time.

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You believe that growing up is optional

Have you ever heard the saying “growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”? Well, if that’s your mantra, getting together with someone probably isn’t a good idea! When you enter a relationship with someone, you’ll usually have to act like a mature adult. If that’s not for you, it’s best to stay single for a while longer!

You want to travel the world

Do you want to live the life of a nomad? Would you rather explore the world instead of thinking about it by writing a bucket list? And is the answer to both those questions yes? If so, it’s best to stay single!

When you travel the world, it can often be hard to do so if you’re in a committed relationship with someone. Take the travel blogging couple Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford as an example. They spent so much time together that their relationship suffered. In the end, they had to go their separate ways to strengthen their union, as odd as it sounds.

Do you want to deal with that if you went globetrotting with a significant other? No, I didn’t think so.

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You want to wait until you find “the one.”

In their haste to settle down, many people try to do so with partners that are far from an ideal match. Some end up with people just like themselves while others end up with complete opposites!

As you can imagine, it makes sense to be with someone that’s in the middle of that spectrum. As such, singletons should consider staying single until they find someone that wows them!

You want to work on your career

For some people, developing their careers is more attractive than settling down. Many feel they can’t reach their career goals if they have a significant other in their lives. As such, some professionals opt for the single lifestyle.

So, why is it that staying single is a better idea if you want a decent job? Well, it’s not about mingling and networking with professionals as such. It’s more to do with building up skills and qualifications, much of which has to get done in their spare time.

You want to give yourself a “new you.”

The sad truth is that many folks find they aren’t suitable relationship material. They believe they are too fat or ugly ever to find love. When that happens, they feel the only thing they can do is improve themselves first.

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That usually means embarking on an extensive diet and exercise plan. Or it could mean having plastic surgery to “fix” any beauty abnormalities.

For others, it could just be down to attitude and personality. They may feel they don’t have the qualities that a person would find attractive in them. As such, they may prefer to explore ways of improving their attitude and lifestyle first.

You have to care for your parents
Last, but not least, some feel a relationship is out of the question if they become a carer for their parents. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many children have to care for elderly or infirm parents. Often, that’s the case until the parents are no longer around.