66 Ways God Loves You

I was chosen to review 66 Ways God Loves You in exchange for my honest opinion

Love is a powerful thing. Love shows you love covers, love endures, love is kind, patient, long suffering, does not rejoice in evil.


Love to some can mean manipulation, bad treatment and control.

We need to be reminded about God’s love. Jennifer Rothschild in her latest book, 66 Ways God Loves You, remind is of the true meaning of love.

With beautiful illustrations, Rothschild clearly explains the ways the God loves us.

My favorite reminder is from 1 Corinthians: God Teaches Me the Way of Love.

I love this reminder because we often forget what true love means.

“God teaches you the way of love by loving you well. He loves you with patience and kindness” Jennifer Rothschild

In a world that doesn’t seen to love enough Jennifer intrinsically tells us just how much we are loved by God.

If you want to understand God’s love for you 66 Ways God Loves You is the book for you.

About Jennifer Rothschild

At the tender age of 15, she could no longer read the words in her red leather bible given to her by her grandmother. She became bling due to retinal disease. In the absence of sight she found God’s love.

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