Taxes and death are two of the only things in our life that are inevitable. Though taxes aren’t something that we can do much about, we can make sure that death isn’t something to be feared. With faith in a God that loves us, we can feel happy when it comes to the day that we meet our maker.

Death shouldn’t be a big scary thing. It can be hard thinking about all that we might miss, though. Which is why developing our faith and expanding our knowledge about the afterlife, can help us. It is also a good idea to be prepared, to make sure that our family is going to be taken care of. What kinds of things could we do to prepare? Here are a few ideas.



In terms of being temporally prepared, we could start to think about things like life insurance and funeral plans. It might seem a bit morbid to discuss these kinds of thing with your family. But, for example, do they know if you want to be buried or cremated? If these kinds of discussions aren’t had, how will they know? I think we will all want to make things as easy as possible for our loved ones, right? So it is best to have these kinds of discussions sooner rather than later. It is also a good idea to have a life insurance plan in place. If you don’t already have anything set up, then it isn’t too late! It might be worth checking out somewhere like Insurance is something you need look into if you are already in your golden years.



Whilst it is great to be prepared temporally, how can be prepared spiritually for passing on? One of the first things we can do is to repent of our sins. We all do small things wrong from day to day. So make sure that you regularly keep up a routine of repenting to God. Part of repenting is putting things right with people we might have wronged or offended. Likewise, this should be something that we do on a regular basis. It is definitely something that is easier said than done. But it certainly needs to be done as often as it happens. We also need to forgive other people. How much better will we feel, when we feel no ill feeling towards any of God’s other children? It is a step to being more Christlike for sure.

If you aren’t someone that is reading your scriptures too regularly, then this could be a good thing to get into a routine of. When it comes to death, there are certain areas that we should study, if we need more clarification on it. Think about the New Testament and reading about the crucifixion of Christ. You can read them online if you need to. You could have a look at also about how He was resurrected, as this will surely happen to us too. Christ was a perfect example for us all, so it is only right that we will follow in his footsteps. Gaining more knowledge and clarification from God about death will help the thought of it be much easier.