Life can be stressful at times, and so a holiday, mini-break or weekend away is always very much appreciated! And what better way to spend free time than with the one you love? If you want to treat your sweetheart, then booking a romantic getaway is an excellent way to go. Whether it’s a festive treat or something to look forward to next year, here’s are some of the things to think about in the planning stages.

Book Time Off Work

You’ll need to arrange your getaway for when you and your partner both have time off work. If you’re planning it as a surprise, make sure you know it’s a time that they already have booked off. If not, be sure they’ll be able to secure the time off work. Alternatively you could book a weekend away where you fly out on a Friday night and are back home by Sunday evening. Either way, be sure that work or no other commitments will result in you having to cancel at the last minute. If you have children, arrange a babysitter and maybe even a backup option just in case!

Decide On Your Destination

Some places in the world are known for being romantic. Paris, Venice, The Lake District, Costa Rica and New York are just a few beautiful places to consider where couples have fallen in love in over and over again. Alternatively, your romantic destination could be revisiting somewhere you both love. Perhaps you want to go back to the first holiday you had together, or the place where you first said ‘I love you.’ You could think about places that hold special significance to you as a couple. Maybe if you’re wanting to visit the Lake Districts beautiful scenery for a week or two, you could look into Craig Manor country house hotel in Bowness on Windermere close to the Lake District.

Look Into Romantic Things To Do

Long walks on the beach, romantic dinners out and even hot air balloon rides are fantastic things to do as a couple on your getaway. You could see the sights, view the sun setting or go to an intimate bar or cafe. You could go on a picnic depending on the weather and the time of year. Have a look at what’s on offer at the destination you have picked. Wherever you can, book tickets ahead of time to save hassle. That means once you arrive you’re free to just enjoy yourself with no messing about.

Choose The Right Hotel

A stunning luxurious room or even a suite is perfect for a romantic break. You could look for features like extra large beds, hot tubs, and incredible views. If you have the means to, push the boat out and get the best you can afford. A great room is the perfect retreat to sip champagne in the evening after a wonderful day together. Plus it’s a gorgeous place to get up and get ready for the day ahead. The right hotel is an important thing to get right for your romantic break, and while you can do it on any budget be sure to shop around and check out everything it has to offer.

Pamper Yourself

Before leaving for your trip, spend some time pampering yourself. You could go for a wax at a salon, have your hair and nails done and treat your skin to some luxurious products. Feeling good about yourself is a great way to set your romantic break off on the right foot. If your time of the month is due to fall on your trip, you could buy tablets to delay your period. These are safe and effective, and will mean you’re not feeling bloated or hormonal while you’re on your romantic getaway.

Think About Outfits

As with pampering yourself, wearing the right clothes is key to feeling confident and happy. Have a think about what kinds of activities you’ll be doing. For example, going to fancy restaurants will mean you need glamourous dresses and shoes. But romantic walks in the country will mean walking boots and coats. And of course, you’ll want to make sure you pack some lingerie which makes you feel good about yourself! Make sure you pack well to ensure you have the right clothing and shoes depending on what you’ll be doing. The key is to keep it to the things you need without over packing and without forgetting anything important. If you’re only going away for a few days, sticking with a small hand-luggage sized suitcase is ideal. If you’re boarding a plane it means you don’t have to mess around at baggage handling, which is time that cuts into your trip.

Do you have any romantic breaks planned for the end of this year or next? Where’s your favourite place to go away with your significant other?