Psalm 127:3 says that “Children are a gift from the Lord.” Indeed they are very important to the majority of people. However, not all family units stay together. That means that not all parents get the opportunity to be with their children every day. But that doesn’t mean that they stop being parents. They can still be an important part of their child’s lives and their ex-partners to. Read on to find out more.


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Keeping things civil

The 5th of the 10 commandments states that we must “honor our mother and father.” This can be a tough thing for a child from a broken home to do. Especially if there is a lot of animosity between the mom and dad. How can they respect their father or mother if they are not respecting each other? That is why it is essential to keep things civil, as it sets a good example.

While this isn’t always easy, it will help you maintain a workable relationship into the future. This is essential for co-parenting. If there are certain issues like child support that are causing problems it help to consult a law firm like Miller Bowles Law. They can help you conduct the negotiations. The addition of an objective mediator can take the pressure off. This can stop the arguments becoming personal or disrespectful.

Supporting decisions

Something that successful; co-parents do is to present a united front. While this can be difficult in a good, marriage in a broken relationship, it can be especially hard. However, it stops the child from playing one parent off against each other. It also stops the child feeling confused. Remember that when one parent is saying one thing and the other saying something very different can be tough for the child to know which way is up!

The way to do this is to support what the other parent is saying in front of the child. Then if you need to take some time to discuss the situation with your co-parent when the child is not present.

Quality Time

Something that it was vital for both co-parents to do is to spend some quality time with the child.

It can be difficult for the parent that is not living in the home.  That means they can feel like they have to make a big deal whenever they see the child and do something spectacular. But sometimes this can cause rivalry between the two parents. If the child always gets to do fun things with one parent and not the other is easily make the other seem like the bad guy.

This often happens to the parent that the child lives with for the majority of the time. As that parent has to deal with the day to day things like discipline.



To prevent this from happening create a schedule together of activities that you will do. Make sure that you have some everyday stuff like laundry and homework with both parents, as well as fun stuff like theme parks and going out to eat.


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Take an interest every day

Lastly, when cooperating successfully, it is important that you show an interest in the child every day. Whether they are currently staying with you or not. A text can be enough to show them, that you are thinking of them and that you care.