The most devastating thing to happen I believe is hair loss. As a African American child, I grew up getting my hair braided. At first you don’t realize the damage done to your hair I know I didn’t until my first bald spot at the tender age of 25. My husband’s hair was also receeding in the front and in the middle of his head. I went from having a bald spot on my hairline to growing my hair back. What did I do here are 4 ways to naturally grow your hair back.

  1. Use natural oils- Essential oils are a great way to grow your hair back. Some of the essential oils that I use are Rosemary and Peppermint, I add it to my hair regimen as a oil for my scalp mixed with a carrier oil like Jojoba, or coconut oil.
  2. Tension free protective styles- Over the years, I have put a lot of tension on my hair through braiding. I was bald in the front of my head by the age of 25 but with proper care I grew my hair back once I stopped putting tension on my edges.
  3. Massage your scalp-Massaging your scalp daily stimulates your the blood flow to your scalp thus promoting hair growth. Make sure you massage your scalp daily. You can also use a anti static brush to stimulate your scalp for hair growth.
  4. Pray-If God created the hair on your head why wouldn’t he care if your hair is falling out. Pray over your hair. Pray that God helps to grow your hair back even if you have to fast.
  5. PRP Treatment- I remember seeing PRP treatments on youtube and wondering if that actually works. On “The Doctors”, I saw a doctor by the name of Dr.Rapapport talk about a procedure called PRP which stands for platelet rich plasma where they insert your plasma from your blood through a needle into your balding areas. My husband started doing the PRP treatments and it has been working tremendously for him. He has been doing the treatments for two and a half months.


If you would like to give this a try call Dr. Rapaport office here mention my name Tamara South for a discount.