For some the holidays is a great time for celebrating with family but for others, the holiday brings about sadness. It becomes a time when I remember what is missing. I find myself missing what I don’t have I found my mother’s dead body during the holidays and these times remind me of what I would like to forget. I also think about my mother, father, brother and grandmother it is a sad time for me. So what do I do? I block the day out of my head and pretend that it never existed. In my eyes I am getting rid of the pain but the reality is that I am hurting my myself even more.
As I speak to different people about the situation I came to understand why my decisions are not what God wants for my life.
Six ways to being free from holiday blues
1.) Compile a list of what you are grateful for- You have to think about all of the things that you do have. Good health, friends, shelter, children and most importantly you are alive.
2.) You deserve happiness.By not spending time with anyone is like you are telling yourself because they are not with me I don’t deserve happiness.
3.) Enjoy the present. I have two children now and I could now make a family thanksgiving legacy on my own.
4.) Take care of someone else. Give food or spend time with someone less fortunate.
5.)Stop living in the past. They are gone and there is nothing I can do to bring them back.
6.) Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. What better way to destroy my family then to create a hole where my kids don’t understand why I can’t celebrate thanksgiving. Just like Satan enticed Eve and got her to sin she then transferred that to her husband and caused her and her children to fall. Satan made me feel it would be better to mourn my missing family and I told my husband who in turn celebrated thanksgiving by himself which would transfer to my children. I was hurting my husband because more than anything he wanted to celebrate with thanksgiving with me.
I have decided to create my own memories for thanksgiving. One such memory will be a coin bank and save money throughout the year. On thanksgiving take the money that we saved and give to an organization.
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