Recently, scientists ranked the things about homes that make us most unhappy. The biggest issues were things like noisy neighbors and rotting floorboards. But assuming that these aren’t an issue for you, what else can you do to increase domestic bliss?



It turns out that there’s quite a bit that you can do, and it’s all backed up by science. Let’s take a look at some of the latest thinking on how to create an environment for a happy family.

Start The Day By Making Your Bed


Mount Pleasant Granary

Scientific studies have found numerous benefits associated with making your bed, and your kids’ beds, on a daily basis. In fact, it’s such a potent way to life the spirit of your home that it was picked up by Gretchen Rubin. Rubin included making one’s own bed as one of the best habits for achieving happiness in the book The Happiness Project. Now millions of people are following the advice, and strangely enough, it’s working.

Spend Money On The Things That Cultivate Great Experiences At Home

The best experiences you can have in your home are those that you can share. Think movie nights, or BBQs. Spend your money on things designed to get the whole family together. If you’ve got young children, use spare entertainment money on things like art and craft.

Become Part Of An Exciting Community

Sometimes it’s not your home that is the problem, it’s where it’s located. Some local communities are a lot better than others. Family life wasn’t always so cut off from the community. Once it was an integral part of community life. Other members of the community would chip in to support families in times of need. Now many communities have broken down because of living conditions and other social factors. The good news here is that not all modern housing developments are anathema to community spirit. Many modern home developments are using the science of community building to bring people together again. If you don’t have a local community, it might be worth investigating whether you can move to somewhere that does.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

There are some jobs around the house that you just don’t want to do. Cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the floors: it’s all a big chore. When you’ve got kids, these problems are ten times worse. So what can you do? According to The Happiness Project, the trick is to enjoy the bits of the chores you hate. What about the nice feeling of warm water on your hands while you’re doing the dishes? Getting enjoyment out of chores helps to reduce the amount of resentment family members feel toward each other. If you like doing the dishes, it doesn’t matter so much how many dishes your kids seem to get through.

Make Every Room Ready To Live In

Living room with a natural American Walnut hardwood floor.

Living room with a natural American Walnut hardwood floor.


Families, especially parents, get stressed out by clutter. According to author Marilyn Paul, creating order is the solution. She recommends a 3-minute mood-boosting routine where the aim is to return a room to “ready” before leaving it. For instance, you could do this every time your toddler scatters their toys all over the room.