Once your partner finally gets down on one knee and asks that all-important question, you’ll be overwhelmed with excitement. You won’t know where to begin, and i have one important piece of advice for you here. Start early and whatever you do, don’t leave everything until the last minute. Particularly, if you are hoping to get married within the year. There’s a lot to do, and that’s why I recommend you get a jump start in the first month of your engagement. In that first couple of weeks, there will already be a few things that you can quickly tick off.


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Find The Venue

First, I suggest that you find the perfect venue for your wedding. You might already have one in mind and if that’s the case all you need to do is ring up and secure your date. You’ll find that the best venues do get booked up rather quickly. You might get engaged on Christmas day. You’ll find that couples start ringing up venues early in the morning on the first day that they are back open after Christmas. Some will even try to get in touch on Christmas day by ringing private numbers. It’s like being in a race where you can’t see the other competitors but you know they are there. If you don’t get far enough ahead of them, a crazed bride will steal your location.

Let People Know

Week one will be about securing the venue. In week two you can send out your wedding invites nice and early. You should make sure that everyone knows when it’s going to be so that they can save the date. You can purchase wedding invitations from Pure Invitation or any similar seller. Don’t forget it’s important that your invites look and feel tremendous. After all, this is the first little taste your guests will get of your wedding. You want them to feel both dazzled and delighted when they see it drop through their letterbox. There are people these days who decide to send out e-vites instead. I don’t think these have the same beauty or elegant touch that you want for your wedding.

Time To Find The Dress

Week three can be all about finding the right dress for your wedding. Bare in mind that people often decide to get a dress that is a few sizes too small in the hopes that they’ll lose enough weight. It’s a risky move, but one that will work if you find your dress early, and you’re determined to drop those pounds.

Remember, you can get your dress custom made. This is one of the ways that you can make sure you look completely unique on your wedding day.

Best Man, Maid Of Honor

Finally, you might find this is one of the first phone calls you make after you say yes. But, you should choose your best man and maid of honor as quickly as possible. After all, these are the two people who will have a lot of responsibility for your wedding. Maybe even more than you and your partner!


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