Are you finding it tough at the minute juggling Mummy life? Well don’t feel ashamed to ask for help… ‘Supermums’ need help to.


Asking for help with your children isn’t anything to feel guilty about, we can’t do it everything all the time! Sometimes we just have to accept the help as it comes.

There are many forms of childcare from nurseries to live in nannies and even the Grandparents! Think about what you need help with, and if it’s daily or just every now and then. Then you can choose the suitable kind of childcare.


We all need help sometimes, and with kids running around you, it’s hard to get things done. So why not have a break from the endless amount of cleaning and hire someone to come in and do it for you. Maybe you have friends that have a cleaner, or you have heard of a good agency, or you can try things such as the Whizz App for hiring a cleaner. We all deserve a break.



Set limits and stick to them, if you give in every time your child has done something there weren’t supposed to, you won’t get anywhere. It’s hard to do, especially you have a crying kid, screaming in your face, but it’ll get easier, you have to stand your ground otherwise they’ll know how to get away with things they shouldn’t.


Patience is something all Mothers need to have. There are times where you will get frustrated and want to go somewhere and hide, and that’s okay! We’re not perfect, and we all have our breaking point. You just have to breathe and know that your little one is learning too, they’re not perfect either. (Although our babies ALWAYS are!!)


Test out different voices with your commands, the stern “no” and the warning “if you do that again I will take it off you,” and of course the “I’m so proud of you!” If you can have three different tones to your voice from being super happy and proud, to warning them and then the ‘not happy Mummy’, your child will pick them up in no time.


If you don’t give our kids the attention they crave, that’s when most tantrums happen because they’re trying to seek out as much attention as they can get – even if it’s the negative kind. This doesn’t mean you have to be at your child’s beck and call, but just by taking a few hours a day to spend one-on-one time with your child, distraction-free and doing something they want to do, will reap immense rewards in their behavior.


To be loved is all anybody wants and if you can give that baby your love, and be there for them when they’re sad, pick them up when they fall down and tell them they can be an Astronaut or a Ballerina when they’re older – you’ll be the best Mum ever.


When you bring a baby into the world, a sudden load of responsibility falls on top of you. And women are so scared to be a “Bad Mum” because people are judging everyone, we see it in magazines, on the TV, and in our general day to day lives. But if people stopped putting pressure on everyone else and focused on themselves, the world would be a lot happier.

We may not be Supermums in their eyes, but our babies think so, and we’re okay with that.