Finding love is one of the most important things in a person’s life. They often feel like their life hasn’t really begun before they have a special relationship. But it can be tough to find that one person that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Luckily there are plenty of online dating sites available to help. But what factors should we consider important in our search for lasting love?


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Belief System

As your belief system is a huge part of who you are, it makes sense to use this as a determining factor for you dating life. Some people feel that marrying within their own religion. Including all that entails, like sharing their life with someone who has the same beliefs as them is vital to a happy marriage.

Others like those with beliefs in astrology may use the guidelines that their belief system offers to pick a compatible partner, or decide when the right time is to commit to a relationship. You can learn more by clicking the link.

Also, many religions warn of the dangers of marrying outside the religion and how it can make your life harder. Many also have strict rules about the physical contact before marriage to abide by. So dating someone that is familiar with these rules make this a little easier.


For some folks, it’s not their religion that is the most important factor in their life by their personality. Personality can be measured in different ways, but the most popular way is the Myers-Briggs scale. It has four dimensions to it and covers how you recharge your energy, how to take information, how you understating things, and how we live our lives.

Many people believe that a key to a happy relationship is to find someone that is compatible with you on a personality level. But this can mean different things to different people.

Some people may want a partner that is the same as them, for example, two introverts together. But some may want a partner that challenges them and is different. They do say that opposites attract! Either way, there are plenty of sites that offer personality matches for dating.

Economic Status

No this is an interesting. Economic status is pretty important life, and it’s is easy to understand why people would maybe want to date someone who is in a similar range. But not all of the sites catering to economic stats do this. Instead, some are designed for wealthy people to meet attractive people, which doesn’t sit well with everyone.

It’s because wealth and attractiveness are external factors that don’t really tell you much about the real person and what they are going to be like. It can also point to the fact that the person searching is more interesting in material factors that in genuine emotional connection.

With this in mind, it seems that the dating factors like religion or personality are much more likely to be a solid bet. Especially for finding a lasting emotional connection.