Relationships affect everything we do. They can be all-consuming. Sometimes, they make us happier than ever. At other times, they make us question who we are and what we want. We’re all searching for that fairytale romance, but not every relationship works. Sometimes, you have to accept that things aren’t working, and it may be best to go your separate ways. Here are some warning flags that may signal the end for your relationship.

You’re arguing all the time

Do you argue on a daily basis? Have you got to a stage when you’re saying things you don’t mean or flinging insults around? Can you even remember what you’re fighting about? It’s normal for couples to argue. The course of true love never did run smooth. However, you shouldn’t spend all your time tearing strips off each other. This is a surefire sign that there are major problems. If you have things to say, try and stay calm. If you can’t find a resolution, it’s best to consider breaking up. You’ll only end up hurting each other more.

You’re no longer each other’s priority

Do you remember a time when you would do anything to make your partner happy? Did you spend all your free time together, or go out of your way to make their life easier or their smile wider? It’s natural for relationships to change as time passes. But if you love somebody, they should always be your priority. If you’re more interested in work or hanging out with your mates, maybe you haven’t found ‘the one’ after all.


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You’re not making each other happy

Is your relationship stressing you out or making you miserable? Is it affecting your mood on a daily basis, or causing you to lack confidence? The movies give us a rose-tinted view of love, but you shouldn’t be with somebody if they make you unhappy. The good days should outnumber the bad ones.


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You’re staying together for the kids

Do you have children? If so, you may think that the kindest thing to do is stay together. But this is not the only option. Although it may seem incredibly tough to split up, it can sometimes be for the best. Children should grow up surrounded by love. If you’re arguing all the time, this isn’t a healthy environment for you or them. If you’re thinking of getting divorced, seek advice from a firm like Rosengren, Kohlmeyer & Hagen, Law Office Chtd. Divorce is one of the most stressful things you can go through. But you’ll probably emerge on the other side and recognize that it was the right decision.

It can be heartbreaking when relationships come to an end. But often, you have to make a call for the sake of your future happiness. Sometimes, even when you think you love somebody, it turns out that they’re not right for you. If you’re miserable all the time and you can’t even remember happier times, this is a sign that the relationship isn’t working. Cutting ties can be tough, but it gives you the chance to rebuild and move on. One door may be closing, but you’ll soon find that another opens.