In order to fight something you have to know what it is you are fighting. The author takes the time to break down Satan’s agenda. This is a 8 week bible study teaching you how to fight in the spirit. Satan knows just how important we are even if we don’t see it.

“Satan is very real, his goals to keep you from God are very real.”

Coni gives a detailed description of our spiritual warfare. For example, he broke down the 4 forces that Paul says we are against. In order to be effective in not be deceived by Satan we have to understand satan’s attacks.

“Our minds are the war zone by which satan strives to attack, take over and destroy rendering everyone he can to be spiritually dead until each person surrenders to physical death.

He gives concrete examples through scripture on how satan wants to destroy us.

This is a 8 week bible study on teaching you about warfare.

If you truly want understanding about the war in the spiritual realm I suggest this book we should not be blinded by thinking evil does not exist. This is a powerful read for those old and new in the faith.

About the book

Weapons of Spiritual Warfare is an in-depth study designed to give every participant a deeper understanding of spiritual warfare and the weapons every Christian needs in order to defend himself and offend the enemy, Satan, and his evil team of demons. The first week of lessons teaches Satan’s story, including his goals to conquer God and rule over the universe and how he came to the point of viewing mankind as the enemy to destroy. Weeks two through eight give attention to each weapon of the armor of God, showing how each piece is imperative to put on and use.