Being a first-time parent has its joys, the influx of supporters, the gifts, the smiles, the oohs and ahh, the feeling of pride, the naming of the baby, the baby shower, the trips to Babies R Us, the time spent browsing through evolved mommy for products, it is just an exciting time for mom, dad, and family. This is also a stressful time for new mom she has to transition her body for nursing, constantly waking up in the night to not sleeping at all, she has to ear, feed herself, take of the baby 24 hours a day. Now if she has help that’s great but in my situation, help was rare and few. I don’t have parents (but that’s another story).



Long story short because a breastfeeding first-time mom is a joy and stress at the same time.

What if I told you there was an app that helps you manage being a mom? Well look no further the app is called BabyTime.


This app helps you track and record your baby’s routine which is awesome because when you go to the doctor’s office the doctor wants to know recorded moments about your baby and its reassuring to know that you can use this app to monitor your child’s progress.

Parenting is hard work so why not have a little help along the way?



What I like about the app

  • Record Breastfeeding time
  • Record diaper change which is great because your doctor wants to know how many times a child uses the bathroom
  • Doctor visits- It helps you keep track of the doctor visits and what your child was there for.


You can also ass someone to join in on the progress of your child whether it be your spouse of caregiver.



The BabyTime App would have been a lifesaver for me not just with my first child but with my second child as well. I would recommend this baby tracker app to all parents alike to help organize your child’s progress.

Available for download at the Appstore



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