How to understand the power of you

Photo by Whitney Nic James husband

I had the honor and privilege of speaking about at the Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Keys to Leadership Conference at American University. I had a wonderful time sharing my insights as a workshop presenter, panel speaker and snapchat speaker.

I remember being a brownie girl scout in the Bronx selling girl scout cookies and meeting new friends who would have known over 20 years later, I would be giving back by speaking.

The topic of my workshop was the “The Power of Me” I presented the girls with an exercise featuring an apple and an orange and I had them write positive affirmations about themselves in a mirror. I wanted them to understand just how important they were in their own unique way.

Over the years, I have doubted myself and what I am capable of but sometimes we have to look ourselves in the mirror and say you are “fearless” I know that these group of women will be “FEARLESS”, they were fun-loving, smart, vibrant, curious group of young ladies.

I was nervous about speaking but it turned out to be a enjoyable time. I learned from them and they learned from me.

I learned so much from their dreams, aspirations, goals and fears they were full of energy and asked intriguing questions as well as just wanted to get to know me as a person like what’s my favorite.

In the afternoon, we had a panel discussion where I was surrounded by amazing bloggers panelists.

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Photo by Whitney Nic James husband

I want to thank Andraea LaVant the inclusion specialist at the Girls Scouts Council of the Nation’s Capital for giving me the opportunity to speak to these young women.

Many people have asked me why are you a blogger? There is nothing in that I say I am a blogger because I get the opportunity to do what I love INSPIRE!