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Organizing your day-to-day life is tough enough. There are just so many things you have to think about, from the professional to the social side of you – and everything that comes in between.

When you spend most of your time struggling with stress in an effort to manage the daily grind, the mere suggestion posited in the title here may appear baffling. You may be blinking at the idea, thinking that you struggle enough to think about tomorrow – never might an entire month in advance.

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Before you run away dismissing me as having lost the plot, hear me out. Planning your life a month in advance is not a concept that’s going to work for everything. There are some areas over which we have no control. You can’t plan in the need for an emergency dental visit or the other thousand and one things that life can throw a curveball at us for.


However, there are some things that you have warning of. The staples of life that rarely change from year-to-year, that some advance planning towards can make all the difference.


So if you are tired of feeling like you are constantly trying to catch up, let 2017 be the year you put yourself back in control. With a little organization, there’s simply no need to find yourself in an organizational black hole. If you’re tired of panicking about how to prepare financially for the holidays or missing birthdays of loved ones, then there are future tweaks you can make. They may be small, but they’re powerful.


Plan The Year In Advance

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Before the dawn of New Year’s Day, sit down and schedule a calendar for the year full of significant dates. It helps if you can keep this all on one sheet of paper or document, so you can see the next 12 months at a glance rather than individually.


Then start adding your events. Make sure you include:


  • All significant birthdays, especially those you would be expected to buy a gift for.
  • All religious festivals that you wish to celebrate. This is especially useful for the movable feasts like Easter, which can occasionally spring on you from nowhere if it appears early in the calendar.
  • Any sporting events you would be concerned about – both by the pros and your own family.
  • Milestones for your kids, such as when their exams are and any upcoming events involving their hobbies.
  • Areas that need financial focus, such as when your taxes are due.
  • Write all of these down in their appropriate months to begin with. Easter in 2017, for example, goes down in April.


With that done, all you need to do to get yourself ahead of the game is move everything back a month. So Easter goes into March; Christmas becomes the concern for November. With this done, at the beginning of every month you can start preparing for that month’s events – even though in reality, they won’t begin for another four weeks. It keeps you ahead of the game and your schedule on track, so why not try it for the year ahead?

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