Declarations, not resolutions in 2017

2016, you were definitely rough. One thing that God is seeking me to do is define the relationship that I have with people. I have been stretched beyond what I thought was my limit but was just a limitation and God revealed the true character of people who were close to me as only seeking to get from me then when I couldn’t deliver they would drop me like a bad habit.

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This is something that I find difficult in doing because I am a people pleaser. I would say yes to something at the expense of my own well-being but God had to do some pretty drastic things to get me to say no to people. In saying NO to people God showed me the true character of those around me and while their reaction hurt I’m glad I get to see the truth.

2016, hasn’t been all strenuous I got to grow in my business and be the KeyNote speaker at Bronx Community College and a workshop presenter for the Girl Scouts Keys to Leadership Conference and get more great partnerships with brands like Legoland, Sealife, Madam Tussauds, Medieval Times, SkyZone just to name a few.

New Year’s for me is about Declarations, not resolutions in 2017. A declaration is oral indication of fact or belief while resolution is strong will or determination.

God says there is power in the tongue speaking over your life is more powerful than a resolution which is just a strong will. If you lack determination then your resolution is over.

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I declare……..

A season of peace

A season of joy

A season of wisdom

I will remove people, places and things that seek to destroy my peace and try to make me compromise my walk with Christ.

What’s your declaration for 2017?