Having a happy, healthy family is something we all dream about. Being surrounded by our loved ones is one of, if not the best feelings in the world, so making sure it’s a positive experience for everyone involved is one of the most important things any family orientated individual can do.


Believe it or not, giving your family the right love is far more important than anything else you can do. Whilst getting kids or siblings the latest hi-tech release might win you brownie points in the present, it’s the ongoing, steady love that you offer those around you that is the key ingredient to a happy and secure family – not the materialistic stuff.

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If you’re looking for ways to bring your family closer together or you’re wondering what you can do to ensure you all remain as close as you currently are, here are the things you should be doing to keep everyone, including yourself happy.


  1. Talk, even if it’s about nothing


Talking is the highest form of communication and NOT texting. Your kids or younger family members might not quite believe this, but it’s true – remind them of that. Making time to speak with your family is the most important thing to any successful family life. Ask them about their day, what they got up to, what they enjoyed and who they spent it with. You’ll find that when you pay extra attention to these things, you’ll start to learn far more about who they are as a person and you’ll find they’ll be far happier to open up to you in future too.


  1. Enjoy each other’s company


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That means that when you’re spending time with each other that you are actually spending it with them. Taking a break from work and social media is one of the biggest gifts you can give anyone, especially a family member. Time is a very precious gift after all. If you head out for a meal with your family then don’t spend the majority of the time on your phone. Equally, if you have kids who can’t put their phones down for more than 5 minutes, make it clear that there’s an expectation for them not to be glued to their phones throughout the meal. You might be met with a temper tantrum to begin with but this will improve your relationships with them in the long run.


  1. If there are any issues, don’t ignore them


Ignoring issues to avoid having arguments is the most toxic things you can do to any relationship you have. Family feuds can end up tearing families apart for years or even a lifetime, so don’t let that happen to you. If you and your family are struggling to talk things through or identify a solution,Symmetry Counseling is a great way of tackling any problems without having the huge fall out over it.


  1. Eat together


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We all seem to be living massively busy lives these days and it is sometimes difficult to get the entire family together to eat on a regular basis. But families who eat together are proven to have stronger bonds, so make it your priority to share at least one meal with your family each day if you can. It’s a perfect time to connect without distractions of day to day life. Ditch sitting in front of the TV at dinnertime and instead opt to get everyone talking and eating around the table.