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Five Signs That Therapy Might Be Right For You 

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It’s cold, wet, and gloomy plus pay day isn’t for ages so you could be forgiven for feeling a little low. Still, there’s a big difference between feeling in a bit of a funk, or a rut and spending weeks on end feeling sad, melancholic and suddenly uninterested in activities that gave you pleasure before like drawing, dancing or playing football.


You’ve Lost Motivation


If you jumped out of bed full of beans six months ago and now you have to drag yourself out of the duvet each morning there could be something amiss. Everyone feels sad occasionally, but if that sadness, confusion or overwhelming feeling of hopelessness persists then you may be feeling more than just sluggish. Depression is a serious, debilitating illness and can affect anyone at any time so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, constantly on the verge of tears or dealing with insomnia and a loss of appetite it may be worth seeing a doctor.



Dealing With Trauma


Human beings are extremely resilient creatures but if you’ve recently been traumatised by a loved one’s death, been the subject of emotional, physical or psychological abuse, or are struggling to cope with events that may have happened in the past therapy is something you should  consider. The right therapist will help you to deal with the trauma, letting you talk about your experience in a safe, trust environment and show you how to practice self-care in order to overcome the traumatic episodes. Psychological scars tend to run deep, but people’s lives have been forever changed for the better by seeking therapy at the right time.


You’ve Had A Sudden Change


Some of us love mixing things up and embrace change while others tend to feel scared, nervous and confused when it comes to the unknown. Don’t struggle in silence when it comes to dealing with a job loss, career change, impending move, divorce or even bereavement. It’s natural to feel grief, regret or confusion when big life changes happen and a therapist can help you make sense of your feelings as you process what’s happening.


Relationships Are Strained


One of the myths that movies, TV shows and even songs perpetuate is that love alone will solve most relationship problems. In fact, the very opposite is true love cannot pay bills, buy groceries, overcome fears of commitment, force someone to give up a career or improve someone’s communication skills. Clients have stated that John Arber a Couples Therapists that helped us listens calmly and carefully to problems. Successful relationships require trust, compromise and plenty of talking so if you’re feeling unfulfilled, trapped or unappreciated in your current relationship seeing a therapist, or couples counsellor is advised.


Substance Abuse Won’t Help


Any form of addiction is mentally, financially and physically damaging and whether it’s having the odd week-day flutter at the races, drinking that extra bottle of wine when you’ve got an early start the next day or binge eating chocolate when you’ve had a fight with a friend they’re  all unhealthy behaviours. Addiction has far reaching, and at times devastating consequences for both the addict and their family so if you are relying on drugs, alcohol or even sex then professional help is definitely needed.


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