When was the last time that you found a book that moved you to tears? Or that made you laugh out loud? For many readers, finding the right book is not easy. This is not specifically because there are less good books, but more because people seem to have lost the ability to find them. So, before you turn to the Internet and start following a Youtube channel of cat videos out of pure boredom, here are some basics to help you get more out of your readings and make the hunt for your next book a lot easier.  


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Be A Fair Reader And A Generous Commentator

Whether you are a blogger or a reader only, make sure to always share a positive behavior when you are ready to discuss a book. There is no point in simply stating that you have read the book, it is about letting others know what it made you feel, whether it was joy, sadness, excitement or even fear. When you read a book that has touched you, in any way that can exist, do remember to share it around you. It’s only the silence around books that makes it difficult to spot the good ones. So, if you discuss your readings with friends, or even online, you are starting a gigantic exchange machine. Indeed, people who you recommend books to, are more likely to return the favor. In short, help others to find their next reading and they will help you back when you need it!


Stay In Touch With What’s Happening

Don’t wait for a friend to tell you about a great book, keep your eyes open for exciting publications. If you are interested in business subjects, you can join business book clubs, click here to find one that is dedicated to the latest news about stress management, time management and other issues related to communication and leadership. Not your cup of tea? There are other ways to keep yourself informed. You can try to follow your favorite authors online. Many of them have websites, such as Neil Gaiman for example here, and you will also find that most authors have active social media accounts. They tend to favor Twitter, but some authors appear on Instagram and Facebook too. By following them, you make sure that you know when things are going to be published.


Let Books Inspire You

Some books have changed the world, but it would be foolish to make a definite list of all of them, as they differ from a culture to another. Other books have inspired generations of readers to change their lives. For example, Hermione in Harry Potter shows the power of intelligence, courage and loyalty. Her strong interest for studies has not gone unnoticed as many young girls have been inspired to apply for longer studies since the Harry Potter books. Emma Watson has remained truthful to the feminist side of her character Hermione too! But whether you cry, laugh or dream, remember to suspend your belief and let the book do its magic. You will feel richer for it!

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