***I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion****

In 2017, does waiting for a man to open your door, buy you flowers just because, making sure you are on the inside of him as you walk together exist anymore?

Does a young woman know not to be the aggressor, does she know the difference between the salad and desert fork?

Growing up, my grandmother taught me how to conduct myself as a young girl and a young woman and while those values are diminishing and gender roles are vanishing my goal is to teach my daughter these core values.

When contacted to review 10 secrets of being a lady written by Sheba Matheu I knew this would be the perfect book for my daughter Tahlia.

10 secrets of being a lady is inspired by her daughter Ava. In the book, she says 10 secrets to being a lady includes,

  1. Radiate confidence
  2. Listen to others
  3. Be sincere
  4. Converse respectfully
  5. Speak deliberately
  6. Eat properly
  7. Practice eating healthy
  8. Sip politely
  9. Maintain your appearance
  10. Show your true self

The chapter I enjoyed the most is radiate confidence. In my teenage years, I lacked confidence but I want to cultivate this in my daughter.

The book is filled with poetic expressions to teach your daughter about being a lady.

I recommend this book for all the little girls in our lives and did I mention the artwork is exquisite!

You can purchase the book here

and proceeds go toward Girls, Inc.

Visit their website

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