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Your Relationship Is Over: What Happens Next?

For many people, there comes a time when they realize that their relationship isn’t working. At this point, you have options. You can try and find solutions to the problems, or you can go your separate ways. If you tried, and nothing has worked, it may be that you’re not the perfect match that perhaps you thought you were. Very few people have perfect relationships, and if neither party is happy, it’s often best to admit defeat and try your best to move on. If you’ve decided to break up, you may be wondering what the future holds. Here are some tips to help you cope, and plan ahead.


Surviving the heartbreak

Breaking up with somebody you thought you’d be with forever is a big deal. You’re likely to experience profound sadness, and you may also feel apprehensive about what the future holds for you. When you’ve been with a partner for a long time, even spending a few days alone can be daunting. If you’re heartbroken, give yourself time to heal and recover. Surround yourself with people who care about you, and use them as a shoulder to cry on. It can seem like the world is ending but know that time is a great healer, and after a while, you will start to feel human again. The world will keep turning, and every day is a new day. It may take months, even years, but one day, you’ll feel strong again, and you’ll look forward to what’s to come. Don’t ever feel bad for crying or letting your emotions get the better of you. We all have different ways of coping, and if letting it all makes you feel better, this is what you should do.

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Dealing with the aftermath of a messy break-up

Some couples reach a mutual decision to split, and they maintain a friendship once they’ve broken up. For others, it’s a very different story. If you’ve been through a messy break-up, it’s particularly difficult to process what’s going on and to try and back to normal life. If you’re married or you have children, it’s essential to seek legal advice if you want a divorce, or you feel like your ex is making unreasonable demands. One option that may be beneficial if you can’t reach an agreement is mediation. Legal mediation involves working with both parties to find a solution that everyone is happy with.


If you’re going through a divorce, and you haven’t split on amicable terms, it’s best to handle the situation through your legal representatives. Arguing and fighting will only make both of you feel worse, and make life very difficult if you have children.

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Nobody goes into a relationship wanting it to fail. But sadly, not every partnership survives. If you’ve broken up with your partner, you may be thinking about what happens next. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some useful information, and some tips to help you cope. Seek expert advice, and allow yourself time to heal. You don’t need to bounce back and move on until you’re ready.

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