Millions of Americans face the daily struggle of living with asthma. The same, to a lesser extent, could be said of their family members too. The family members might feel worried and stressed out about their condition. This can be especially true if it is a child dealing with the asthma and a parent will worry as they send them out to school each day. But there are several things that you can do if you suffer from asthma. Just small things that will make each day run more easily.



Have All That You Need On Hand


Half of the stress that comes with asthma is not having everything in the house that you might need if there worst does happen and there is an asthma attack. So it is such a big help when you are prepared and ready for any events that could happen. Make sure that you have inhalers in the home, as well as paper bags that could be used to help regulate breathing. In more extreme cases, it could be worth getting something like a nebulizer in the home or workplace. Then it can be used as and when it is needed. An Aged Care Clinical nebulizer helped me and my family, so that might be worth looking into if you need some help.


Identify Triggers


There may be some things that are more likely to make your asthma worse than others. But the tricky thing is that it varies from person to person. So it is important to monitor what makes it worse for you. Then you can do your best to avoid these triggers. Common triggers tend to be dust, pollen, pet hair, and cigarette smoke. So just be wary when you are at home, as well as out and about.


Prepare Your Home Environment


If you suffer from allergies, then it can make asthma worse. So you will want to keep your home environment as clean and free from any allergens as possible. Then it will reduce the chances of it affecting your asthma. So think about getting rid of carpets and long curtains in the home. Laminate or wood floors are much better in terms of allergens. The same goes for blinds, rather than curtains. They are also easier to keep clean, which is an important part of controlling your allergies and asthma. If you are unable to change your carpets to laminate flooring, there are ways to still help with keeping allergies at bay from your pets, you need a pet carpet cleaner, they are better than normal cleaners who can’t handle pet hairs/dander, and will make sure that your carpet is free from pet hairs that could be causing your allergies.


Keep a Healthy Weight
Maintaining a healthy weight is good at any point in life. But it is especially important when it comes to those with allergies. Obesity increases the risk of being hospitalized when you have asthma. It means more strain on your body, and there is also evidence to suggest that asthma medication doesn’t work as well when you’re overweight. So eating a varied and balanced diet is so important. If it is your child what suffers from asthma, then you do need to lead by example. Prepare healthy food for them, and they are much more likely to carry those behaviors on later in their life.