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Sleeping Beauty: These Could Be Why You’re Always Tired

Did you decide to stay up watching movies all night? Been attending parties every single night this week? If you’ve been burning the midnight oil or putting in some extra hours at work, then it’s no wonder that you’re feeling a little bit sleepy. Although, you could buy phenibut if your lack of sleep is resulting in a failure to focus. However, if you’re always feeling tired, lethargic and have no energy no matter how much rest you get then it may be worth booking a doctor’s appointment. It could be nothing, but your constant struggle to stay awake may be a sign of something a little more serious.

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You’re Stressed Out

When we’re stressed our body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which is a chemical compound found within adrenaline. It increases our heart rate, blood pressure and our brain’s response to glucose, or sugars in our bloodstream. Having our bodies be hyper-tense, alert and constantly being filled with adrenaline isn’t good news as it can take a serious toll on your health. If you’re feeling panicked, scared, and frustrated all the time be it over a work crisis, your kid’s behavior or just wondering if you can afford a holiday then your body isn’t getting the rest it needs. Reducing stress through meditation, exercise, journal writing, and motivational affirmations can help you to calm down, chill out and relax and while letting you think things through clearly.

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You Could Be Anemic

Many women are anemic they just aren’t aware of it and while men do suffer from this health condition, it’s much more common amongst females. Anemia is caused by a lack of iron, or an iron deficiency in the body where iron levels are too low, stopping your bone marrow from making the compound hemoglobin. With this being said, it then comes as no surprise that anyone who is anemic would look into using supplements such as methylfolate 15 mg to help boost methylfolate that helps produce red blood cells. Your health should be your top priority. Hemoglobin is what creates red blood cells, fuelling them with oxygen, so we have enough energy to move around. A significant lack of hemoglobin, or abnormal red blood cells means less energy, so it’s only natural that you’ll feel tired, listless, dizzy, unable to breathe properly and experience a general feeling of fatigue. However, anemia can be treated by eating foods rich in iron, such as plenty of red meat or by taking a regular iron vitamin supplement.

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Too Much Coffee

If you find yourself lying in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling and clock watching until the wee hours it may have something to do with those extra espressos. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant and if you’ve been downing cups all day, at your desk, during business meetings or even after work then it’s no wonder that you’re feeling more than a little wired. Lack of REM, or deep sleep can easily leave us feeling tired, groggy and unable to concentrate, so if you’re suffering from insomnia having gallons of liquid inside you isn’t going to lead to a restful night’s sleep.
Try swapping your daily caramel latte’s for herbal, or green teas as these are much better for your body. Why? Because they contain no caffeine, sugars or creamers that contribute to that unfocused, sleepy feeling. Sugar tends to produce short, intense spikes of energy but once it’s been absorbed into your system, it’ll leave you feeling way more tired than before!

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