The hustle and bustle of modern life can simply be too much. Information and news come out on to our mobile phone screens on a by-the-second basis. Our lives at work regularly extend beyond the typical nine to five and we are all expected to go above and beyond the call of duty in the workplace. There seems to be so much to do and so little time in which to do it.


Find the time for family? It’s so hard to do, with so many hours at work and even with teenagers wanting to spend more and more time outside the family home, it can be even harder of a job. Prying your growing kids away from their own lives can be hard, and of course, the young ones love their play time whether it’s soccer or Minecraft! Nowadays parents are at work more than ever, and by the time they return home, it’s usually time to nap or enjoy yourself.


But family fun isn’t a chore, and it’s not a task – it’s fun!


There are very easy ways to get started with bringing your family together. A board game can be the foundation of a family game night – it can be hard to find the time during the week due to parenting and work tasks, but weekends are the perfect time for a family game night, especially Friday when all the parenting duties are complete. Choose a game, get the snacks in (or make them yourself) and start playing a game with the whole family.


A family dinner isn’t hard either – prepare the family’s favorite meal and get everyone eating at the same table. Don’t be afraid to dive into some family table topics to get the conversation flowing, either.


A good idea would be to sign up your child for clubs and sports teams after school which you can attend. This might be a little more one-to-one than the others, but it’s good if no time can be found in the week to get everyone together.


A family pet might also be a great idea – you can take turns walking it if it is a dog, or get everyone doing it as a group! It will help keep your family active as well.


Screen time is a big issue in families, and it can split them. Mobile phones, TV and video games all have a place in the modern household, and that can be distressing to parents who want to connect with their kids. You can make use of a screen with a movie night, though! It’s great for the weekdays as the setup is so easy – get a movie in for the family, buy some snacks and chill out in front of it!


Despite the lack of time and how tightly our priorities are squeezed nowadays, there are plenty of ways we can reconnect with our families and there is no better time to start than right now!