Getting in touch with your spirituality is more easily said than done More and more people than ever are embracing their spiritual side, regardless of religion – but knowing how to get started is one common obstacle that many people struggle with. You might feel silly at first, or wonder what is going to happen. The thing to remember about spirituality is that you can’t expect anything to happen – otherwise you run the risk of being disappointed. No matter what kind of level you decide to become spiritual on, it is all about being aware of yourself and how you feel. Thankfully, there are a few things you can surround yourself with to help get you started. Here are just a few of them.


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Mala beads

Mala beads, or prayer beads as they are also known, are a great item to have to help remind you of your goals. They have been used for years in religion and practices of spirituality, although they are not tied to any specific religion. You can get them in a variety of different styles and colors that all represent different things, something you might want to think about when considering how to choose your mala beads. Some people perform a small ceremony to ‘activate’ their mala beads. You can wear them around your neck, around your wrist or simply hang them somewhere in your home, as a reminder to check in with yourself every now and again.


If you have any kind of knowledge about certain Eastern religions, you will probably have come across incense before. However, incense is frequently used on a spiritual basis too, as it is renowned worldwide for the power and energy it can exhume. Many people believe it rids a room of negative energy, and it is used in many spiritual and religious practices, including during prayer. Incense comes in many different forms, and all different types hold different meanings and supposed powers. For example, lavender and rose incense sticks can be great for helping to relieve stress. Jasmine, lotus and myrrh have all been said to help aid a person’s meditation, and if you are in need of a burst of energy, try vanilla or spice.

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A quiet spot

Even for those of us who are completely in tune with our religion or spirituality, it isn’t always easy to feel close to our god/to meditate. The hustle and bustle of every day life can all too often get in the way, and we struggle to make time to get back in touch with our spiritual side. Creating somewhere in your home or garden where you can go specifically to meditate or to pray can be really important in helping you maintain your spiritual awareness. Make sure it is somewhere comfortable – if you want to pray on the floor, set some cushions down so that you don’t damage your knees.  Dim the lights so that you are not distracted and place some photos or decorations around the area that inspire you.