There is no denying that water is healthy for your body and your household. Indeed water is essential in keeping the cells of your body hydrated – remember that water is a main constituent of your cells – and in maintaining your household from cleaning to cooking. A life without water is beyond imagination. Yet water is not always a friendly element: It can transports diseases, it can flood your house, it can infiltrate the structure of your home, and it can even kill. Let’s check the common risks of water in your household and how to fight these off.

Running tap water

#1. Water Stains On The Walls And Ceilings

If you find water stains on your walls and ceilings, don’t look any further: They are caused by the presence of a water leak. If you believe you’ve got a leak, it might be time to consider a hot water heater replacement ridgewood nj expert to sort out the problem. The stains are formed when the water infiltrates your house structure. There’s no amount of cleaning that can help you to get rid of it, unless you can identify the source of the leak. If this is caused by a pipe burst, you will rapidly see the stains grow in size when you use the tap water. If this is caused by a damaged roof or external wall that lets the water in, you will see stains only on rainy days. Once you’ve identified the source, do make sure to get in touch with an engineer to repair it and check that your house is still solid.

#2. Your Clothes Look Faded

If you start noticing that your clothes are losing their shine and beginning to fade, this is another sign of hard water. While increasing the quantity of liquid detergent might help a little, this will not reduce the presence of calcium and magnesium. You will need a water softening solution to keep your laundry looking like new. Although it’s a big investment, so do make sure to check online reviews such as the ultimate Fleck 5600SXT by Ryan from before committing to purchase. Look for reviews that describe the same environment than yours: Pick people from a similar location and with a similar lifestyle as this will give you a good indication of how the water softener might work for you.

#3. Your Glassware Breaks Easily

Limescale and dirty water leave nasty stains on your glassware. But it can also make it more brittle by damaging its surface. So try soaking your glasses with water and vinegar as advised on to get rid of the scale and dried dirt stains. You might want to get your washing machine checked if your dishes continue to look dirty after a wash. Additionally, it’s worth to test the quality of your water as the presence of dirt particles that has clogged up your washing machine can have been poured back into your water system. A water filter will reduce further issues. You can also implement water filtering when it comes to your drinking water. Check out product reviews here –

#4. Your Water Bills Are Insanely High

If you have once cleaned up your shower plug and found a ball of hair inside, try to imagine what the inside of your plumbing system might look like. Clogged up, that’s the answer you are looking for. Your pipes are forced to work harder to get the water flow, and you might have even noticed that the water flow went down while your bills went up. Make sure to keep the plugs in your sink, shower and bathtub clean to reduce any pressure inside the pipes.