We’re guessing that by now you’ve probably exhausted your stack of family board games, even monopoly, and are looking for new ways to have fun on weekends and holidays. While it can be tricky to find interesting, exciting activities that suit everyone, especially if you’ve got kids of all different ages we’re pretty sure at least one of these will be a hit.


Plan A Treasure Hunt

Flickr From: Erik(Hash) Hersman


While this one takes a bit of planning the results are sure to be amazing especially if you’ve got a large family! Firstly, decide if you’re going to venture off your property, you don’t have to, but it’ll make things much more exciting for older kids. Next, decide what objects you’re going to hide, create flag markers and then have fun writing up tricksy, tantalizing clues! Why not split into teams? That way younger kids can get some help with clues, and you can keep an eye on the littlest treasure hunters! You could do boys vs. girls, adults vs. teens, or friends vs. family if you’re combining the hunt with a cookout.

Be Hometown Tourists


Flickr From: Global Panorama


We’ve lost count of all the times we’ve said ‘we must go there’ and never end up going so why not change all that? Get everyone together and draw up a list of must visit places in your hometown, or state. Maybe your daughter has always wanted to visit that vintage clothes shop? Your son dreams of fishing at the town lake and your partner’s excited about finally experiencing a food festival. Your family will love finding out new, exciting or unusual things about their hometown while practicing their best tourist oohs and aah’s.

Go Geocaching


Flickr From: _TCPhotography_


Yes, it mixes people with technology but GeoCaching is one of the more unusual activities you could find yourself doing! Perfect for kids who spend more time staring at screens than anything else all you do is download an app, open it up and follow your phone’s GPS to the cache. You never know what you might find, and everything’s hidden in plastic capsules so it’s best that adults open them. Geocaches are everywhere; there are routes all over the world so you can even play on holiday so what are you waiting for? It’s currently free to download now! Why not round off a successful geocache with fruit smoothies, or creamy milkshakes all round? You could even eat at a diner you’ve never been to before as today’s a day for exploring!

Check Out Yard Sales


Flickr From: Mike Mozart


It sounds like a strange thing to do right? However, yard sales are one of those places where you can find the weirdest things. Kids love looking at old, unusual or just plain interesting stuff and items are usually super cheap as well. Give each child ten dollars, tour the Saturday yard sales and see who can source the weirdest, most useful and funniest item on their budget. If kids enjoy watching people sell their stuff why not suggest you hold your own? Yard sales are a fab way to make some cash as well as getting rid of old toys, books, and clothing you don’t want anymore.