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Be honest; do you let your fear hold you back from what you most want to do? While fear can be a great tool if you use it right, it can also hold you back in significant ways. Too often, we run and hide from our fear. We let it back us into a corner that we haven’t chosen. It may be thanks to fear that you’re in a job you don’t enjoy. Or, maybe you’ve avoided something you’re passionate about, like public speaking, because you’re afraid. One thing that should help you through is the knowledge that everybody feels fear. People who put themselves out there every day still feel scared. So, what’s the difference? Those people accepted their fear, but did what they wanted anyway! And, you can do the same.



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Anxiety is a physical response to fear. Some people feel anxious only when they face fear head on. Others feel anxious at the mere thought of taking a risk. Anxiety can manifest in different ways, from emotional distress to panic attacks. If you’re going to face your fear, you need to take steps to get your anxiety under control. Read articles like this one at Nap Time Reviewer to learn how you can manage your anxiety. If you don’t tackle this problem, you’re unlikely to get past it. While fear is natural and healthy, anxiety is not. It’s this response which has been holding you back for so long! If your anxiety is extreme, it may be necessary to visit a doctor. Don’t try and put all the responsibility of recovery on your shoulders. We may all feel anxiety to a degree, but it’s a problem that can escalate out of control. If that’s the case, you’re only going to feel worse if you try and tackle the issue alone. Many people find that the use of CBD anxiety capsules relieves the problem to a manageable level.

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Once anxiety is out the way, it’s time to embrace fear. Society teaches us to view fear as a negative thing, to be avoided at all costs. If you’re going to get past it, you need to change your thinking. Fear is a sign of change. Instead of resisting it, invite it into your life. Take your fear as a sign that you’re about to do something great. If it helps, view it as a type of excitement. It’s the same butterflies in the stomach feeling, isn’t it? Take a deep breath, and take the leap!


If you find yourself unable to embrace your fear, it can help to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Think about your dream. Imagine yourself up on that stage, or whatever scenario you’re preparing for. If you have children, think about what a good role model you could be if you achieve your goal. Your children will learn from you, and not let fear stand in their way when they grow. Even if you don’t have kids, your actions might help somebody else. And, most importantly, they’ll help you!