Someone going off to university is a huge moment for any family. Someone is essentially leaving home for a certain amount of time which can impact upon your whole family in some way or another. You need to make sure your child is going away prepared. That they can join into university live in a way that is seamless, so they aren’t going to be needing certain things that will cost quite a lot of money. It can be tough thinking off all the things they will need, which is why you should read articles like this one to give you a flavour of what you should be thinking about. Some things you may have, others you won’t. Keep your child informed throughout the process and make sure they are happy with whatever you are buying.




That’s right, before university you can buy them help. Passing exams and getting into university is really hard, as such, you need to be able to give them all the help they can to get them what they need. Consider IvySelect college admissions consulting to increase your child’s chance of nailing the university interview, and then perhaps look at certain kinds of tutors to help your children pass the exams they need. They will likely struggle with certain subjects, so be sure to get the right tutor for the job. Make sure they get on with the tutor, and they they work well together otherwise it will be money wasted. You can also get them help in university. If they are struggling with certain essays you could hire an essay doctor to check it over for them and make the correct adjustments needed to ensure they get the high marks. These are just ideas of help that you could purchase for your child. Talk to them. Ask them what they could need and you’ll get a better idea.


A Laptop


Sure, the libraries will have computers that the students can use to learn and write their essays. But without a laptop of some kind they are effectively hamstrung. You need to ensure they have the right laptop for the job at hand, it will make their university career far more easy. Consider what degree they are doing. If they are doing a graphic design degree then they may need to have quite a powerful laptop capable of high speed functions such as design programs and the like but if they are only doing something like an english degree then they will be able to make do with a basic laptop capable of running things like Word and internet applications. They can use it to watch TV too like netflix or play a game to get the downtime they need. You can find a few different types of laptop ideas here. Consult with your child though, as they may want something in particular.


Cooking Equipment


They will now start to need cooking for themselves. It can be hard doing this without the right utensils. Think about the basic things you need to cook. Pots and pans for example, along with other spatchulas and cutlery. Get all of these basic things to ensure they have what they need to cook meals. Think of other things too, like plates and bowls. Depending on where they are going there may already be some things for them to use, but for the main they’ll need to supply their own. Throw in a recipe book for good measure, at least then they will be able to follow simple instructions to get the food they need. You may also want to send them away with some food, you can bulk buy things like pasta so they can always have something quick and easy to cook. That’s just an idea. To ensure they have ingredients consider buying them a gift card for a local supermarket that you can top up your end. This will ensure they have the money they need for food but in a way that they can only spend it on food instead of clothes and other things. Mainly nights out and alcohol.  Still, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child can eat.


They will need certain books for readings before they start their course. They need to have a certain modicum of knowledge regarding their chosen degree before they start. A way to tackle this is by buying them certain books in their degree discipline. Go for the accessible books that are easy to get into and give a broad overview of what’s going on. This way they can have a decent background knowledge before getting started. You can find suitable books on the internet or by checking out each modules reading list.