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What Can You Do If Your Elderly Parents Aren’t Getting The Support Their Care Home Should Provide?


For most people, worrying about your parents isn’t something that happens until later life. Furthermore, the fact that you now have your own kids means that you probably overlook the importance of being there for your mom and dad too. However, there are circumstances when you simply cannot afford to ignore the need to do something any longer. One of the most common issues in modern America is when their care home fails to provide the life that your parents deserve. However, not all care homes fail to provide reliable care. Most care homes offer excellent facilities and give top level care to the elderly people living there. Places like this Williamsburg VA retirement community WindsorMeade provides senior independent living, assisted living, and nursing home levels of care. You might be interested in looking at care homes like that, or you could look around your local retirement houses. Ensure that the care home you leave your family members at, feels right for them and you.

It’s never easy putting your parents in a residential home, but it can often be the best solution. However, the negligence of the staff is currently stopping your mom and/or dad from enjoying their final years. While it’s not your fault, you will inevitably feel guilty. Quite frankly, the first thing you should do is look for a better care home, and get them moved into those new surroundings immediately.

The upheaval won’t be easy, especially if your parent(s) suffer from Alzheimer’s or another condition. In the long run, though, getting them away from those unenviable surrounding will give them a far happier future. Just make sure that the new home is accommodating for the specific issues that the patient needs. Otherwise, you could be opening them up to another harsh cycle. Alternatively, you could look into home instead senior care options that allow them to get the support they need without leaving the comfort of their house and home of so many years. Sometimes this can even help them transition into a nursing home when their conditions worsen, as they become used to the idea of having someone there to look after them.

If the nursing home abuse or neglect has resulted in physical or emotional damage, you should fight for legal compensations too. Experts at Strom and Associates can take care of those litigations, leaving you to focus on your parents. Even if the payout isn’t huge, those costs can go towards creating a far happier future for your loved ones. Likewise, those in South Carolina who want to take legal action against a nursing home for elder abuse may want to contact lawyers like the Joye Law Firm.


Ultimately, you need to know that your mom and dad are comfortable in the new surroundings. Meanwhile, it’s important that they are allowed to keep some sense of independence. Of course, the individual situations will dictate the possibilities. For many elderly people, maintaining freedom through social activities like a trip to the local bingo hall can have a telling impact. After all, residential homes aren’t just for people that need 24/7 care.

Perhaps most importantly, your parents need to know that the family cares and is there for them. You don’t have the time, money or resources to provide a home. However, there’s nothing to stop you spending more time with them and letting them play a more active role in the family fun. Even if their mobility is going, simply being outside and with loved ones will keep the smile on their face.

Finally, try bringing their bedroom in the care home to life. This is their piece of personal space, and decorating it with items to celebrate their past is a great way to help them enjoy a better present. Likewise, memories of the family, passions and other lives will create a far better vibe. Some care homes will have stricter rules than others, but stamping that personality on the area is possible.

Following the disappointment of seeing them mistreated elsewhere, you’ll naturally have a number of fears. Build a positive relationship with the staff, including regular contact, and those issues will fade. Crucially, though, your parent(s) will receive the best level of service.

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