Buying a new property can be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life. All of the planning and saving has finally payed off, and soon you’ll be moving into your brand new home! Before you start thinking of all of the amazing memories you could make in your new home though, you should make sure you have crucial questions ready to ensure this is the house for you. Here are 6 of the most crucial questions you should ask before you part with your deposit:


  1. Does This Place Suit My Lifestyle?

Think about your lifestyle as it is now, or how you are planning on it being in the near future. Your new home should suit your lifestyle perfectly. If you’re a big skier, then some of the real estate properties near the mountains in NY could be just your thing. If you love shopping at Tiffany’s, Macy’s, and similar stores, then buying a property that is close to these places will bring you more joy. Consider how you need your property to suit your lifestyle and then make sure it does.


  1. Do I Have Everything I Need Close By?

You may need trains, buses, and other forms of transport close by if you don’t drive. You may like to shop organically, so prefer to be situated near different farmer’s markets. Think of the places you visit and the things you do regularly and ensure you have what you need. If you’re an active gym goer, you’re not going to be pleased if the closest gym is miles and miles away.


  1. Does This Place Suit My Future Plans?

If you have future plans to get a dog or have a baby, then you need to make sure your place suit that. You don’t want to have to move every few years. Not only is it a lot of hassle, it’s really expensive. Think of where you’d like to be in the next 2-5 years and make sure your property is going to still suit you at this point.



  1. Can I Really Afford This Place?

Just because you’ve been accepted for a super large mortgage doesn’t mean you need to use the whole thing. Figure out whether you can really afford the place you have your eye on. Do the math and know your numbers inside out so you know you won’t need to sell up a few months down the line. Consider every potential eventuality to protect  yourself too.


  1. Is There Anything I’m Missing Here?

Is the property going cheap because of some serious repair you don’t know that much about? Make sure you ask the seller and your estate agent lots of questions and squeeze all of the information out of them that you can. Houses don’t come cheap.


  1. Will I Be Charged For Overpayment Or Early Repayment?

At some point, you might want to put down larger payments on your mortgage. You might even be able to make an early repayment. However, in some cases you’ll get charged for this. Make sure you know what the deal is before you part with your deposit so you can live in your new place with peace of mind!