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How To Cut Out Everything In Your Life That’s Holding You Back

Your Relationships

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If someone in your life isn’t supportive of you and what you want, then think about it very carefully: do they deserve to be close to you and should they remain in your life? No one’s saying that you should cut out old friends who might be a little envious of you because they’re going through a rough patch – on the contrary, they deserve some support. Let’s face it, everyone has their own burdens to shoulder in life. But if you have friends that you’ve outgrown or who you don’t have things in common with any more or who have been consistently unsupportive of you, it’s definitely time to consider whether or not you should continue making the effort to meet them. It’s time for you to be surrounded by people who really care about your future.


Your Finances

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If you sometimes have problems with your finances, now is the time to figure them out. If you’ve previously had problems with paying back credit cards, you might now have a poor credit rating and that might affect you in the future as you apply for mortgages and other loans. It’s important to start building up a good credit rating now by paying back your cards sensibly every month and talking to a financial advisor. It’s also a good idea to sort out any outstanding issues like unpaid parking fines or tickets, so try a nationwide warrant check to make sure there isn’t anything that you weren’t aware of or that has slipped your mind that could potentially come back to haunt you in the future.

Your Career

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A career is often one of the most difficult parts of anyone’s life. It’s tough to get well paid jobs in certain fields these days without a whole load of experience, which often entails eating ramen every night while you do unpaid internships. The truth is that if you aren’t getting satisfaction from your job, you should look elsewhere. Three months is generally long enough to figure out to what extent your career can progress in your current role, so after that time it’s definitely okay to start looking around for new jobs and opportunities. Make sure that you put yourself out there and that you learn to network – go to industry functions and be friendly, professional and approachable.

Your Self Esteem

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One of the top things that is holding you back is, of course, yourself. A lot of us suffer from imposter’s syndrome. Do we really deserve the things that we have? What if someone figures it out that we never mentally grew up past seventeen and we still haven’t figured out how to be adults? Here’s a secret: no one has figured that out yet. We’re all still working on it, even the most self-possessed and capable people you might meet. No one ever reaches that point where they have it all so they no longer have to struggle. Our lives are all journeys of self-betterment and realisation – make sure that you walk slowly and carefully but with certainty and grace.

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