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As a mom entrepreneur I’m running a business but I’m also a mom I have to clean the house, cook the food, do the laundry, pick kids up from school, help kids with homework it becomes difficult to then sit down and do your hair (nearly impossible it only a 24 hour day). I have a few friends who go to places similar 7 Hair Care to get products so they can get their done, unfortunately I don’t have the time.

Years ago braiding was my go to style (thanks to Brandy) but I don’t think her braids were as tight as mine but braids destroyed my hair by pulling it out. Wigs have become my protective hairstyles.

3 Reasons Wigs Are Protective Styles

  1. No tension- Wigs unlike braiding and crochet braids don’t pull and tug at your hair. There are many women that suffer from hair loss.
  2. Versatility-You don’t have to continue wearing the same hair styles. If you want to wear your hair long you can or short you can.
  3. Able to take care of your hair- You take the wig off and you are able to condition your scalp from dryness and hair breakage.

Diva Styles is a wig company that offers you a variety of wig styles to chose from


You can chose long, short, wavy or natural hair all lengths and hair styles, synthetic and real hair.

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