No-one likes having someone around who is just being a lazy slacker, especially if they’re using your resources – or wasting your potential for more resources – while doing so! We want people who can get down to business and work hard to earn their keep, for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

But not enough people take this view of the cash they have lying around.

Maybe you’ve got a bit of spare money in your bank account. And sure, it’s earning a bit of interest in there. But you’re kidding yourself if you think that interest is going to add up to anything substantial! That money is basically the pecuniary version of a slacker: it could be doing more for you, but it’s not!

In fact, when you adjust for inflation, keeping money in a bank account actually loses you money over time! Prices are rising, and so the purchasing power of your cash is decreasing unless you find a way to grow it.

Of course, your money doesn’t exactly have a mind of its own. It’s you that has to put that money to use, to make sure that it’s not just sitting stagnant when it could be growing. One of my friends always gambles with some of his money. Although this method may not be for everyone, he sometimes wins and this can result in him increasing the amount in his bank. He uses online gambling sites such as SBOBET, where he can try his hand at a bit of everything.

If you’re not brave enough to gamble your cash, here are some other ideas you should take into consideration if you want to try and do something to increase your money.





Trading tends to be the first thing that people think about when they think about smaller-scale investing. (Real estate is often too steep a step for more casual investors!) But trading, as you can probably imagine, can take quite a lot of time. You should definitely seek advice, perhaps from a broker, so that you can avoid making mistakes that can cause a lot of damage to your finances. But, overall, stocks and options can be great assets with which to trust spare cash. You can even automate the process somewhat. Find out more at


Business investments


This sort of investment often involves overseas businesses. There are a lot of foreign companies that need a bit of extra cash, so working with an expert to get the right investments in place can pay off big time after a while. Of course, it’s worth remembering that actually investing in a business of your own can pay off in bigger ways that any other investment strategy. Of course, the risks there are pretty great, and of course it will probably require a pretty big career change. A career change probably isn’t what you’re willing to do right now, so perhaps just stick to making investments in other people’s business! Find out more at



Mutual funds
Mutual fund investments are becoming one of the most popular investment techniques. They’re not quite as well-known as the other investment techniques we’ve covered, though. They’re definitely worth researching, as the methods of entry are actually quite flexible. You can own mutual funds through a retirement plan, for example. Basically, mutual funds are probably the easiest way to invest in the market, taking the form of a pool of money by individual investors, which is then handled by a fund manager. Find out more over at