If you ask a doctor what their biggest professional frustration is these days, they will probably say that it is patients wasting their time. Doctors are really stretched and now have to work very long shifts with very few breaks. And you can imagine just how annoying it must be when they have to deal with patients who aren’t really ill when they could be busy saving people’s lives!


One way you could make things easier for your doctor and not be too much of a strain, is to get more clued up about your health. That way, you would be able to carefully consider whether it is really worth booking an appointment with your family doctor, or whether you can see to your symptoms yourself at home. Here are some things that all doctors wished their patients knew, so you can judge things much better for yourself!


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Tablets May Not Be The Best Answer


There are lots of tablets out there that aim to cure certain illnesses, including blood pressure pills, sleeping tablets, and antidepressants. But are you sure you really need to take tablets for your condition? Taking medication in this way can actually cause some severe side effects, which could make you feel a lot worse. Rather than heading to your doctor as soon as you feel ill, you might benefit instead from changing your diet, exercising more, or speaking to someone about mental health. If one of these methods makes you feel better, there is no need to see your doctor.


Being Ill Isn’t The End Of The World


Doctors also find that their patients who are diagnosed with long-term conditions and disabilities take it very hard, and can get so down that they develop depression, which is another strain on the health system. However, you shouldn’t get so down in the dumps! There is a lot of help and support available for people with long-term conditions to help them live as independently as possible. For instance, a lawyer for a personal injury can help you gain compensation after an accident, and there are lots of government benefits to claim. These can help you financially. There are also lots of nurses who call into patient’s homes to help them stay at home rather than needing to be in hospital at all times.


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Rest Is The Best Way To Fight Colds And The Flu


Lots of people head straight to see their doctor whenever they get sick with a cold or the flu. Unfortunately, there is nothing that your doctor can do to help you! That’s because colds and the flu are caused by viruses and no tablets, not even antibiotics, can fight them in the body. The best thing you can do is to rest up and let your body tackle these illnesses on its own. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body rehydrated, as viruses hate that!
So, are you sure you need to see your doctor? Maybe not, once you’ve read these tips!