When we talk about health, it’s important to consider the full picture of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. There are so many day-to-day things we do all the time that could be good for us, but could equally be bad. It depends on your outlook, your medical conditions, and your lifestyle. So what works well and what goes against our approach to healthy living?


Having A Coffee With Friends

Support from friends and social interactions are so important to us as humans. Getting out of the house and enjoying a good chat with the girls is a great way to combat mental health issues and stress. The trouble is, that seemingly innocent coffee could be contributing to the problems you’re getting away from back home. Caffeine affects us all differently at different times. Don’t let it get in the way of quality sleep by drinking it too late. Avoid indigestion and stomach ache by eating something before you drink that espresso. Love the social scene.


Driving To Work

Commuting is something most of us really don’t like. Sadly it’s something we have to do to ensure we get paid! However, driving could be one of the least healthy ways to get to work. Your mind has to multitask by paying attention to the dashboard controls, the view at the front and the view at the back. While you’re doing that you’re coordinating your feet and hands. No wonder so many of us suffer those momentary lapses of attention and panic we’ve missed something. Still, driving could be healthier than walking along a busy, congested road. All those tail pipes chugging out all those pollutants can be very harmful.

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Retail Therapy

It’s funny that shopping has been labeled therapy. There are plenty of reasons why we enjoy it. Trying on different outfits and buying something new certainly can lift the mood. It gets us out of the house and gives us something more active to do than watching TV. However, it can become addictive, leading to terrible debts. Shopping frugally can be a better approach here. If you love department stores, a website like Coupon Sherpa has up-to-date JCPenney coupon codes that could help you gain a discount next time you shop. Use it wisely!


Cleaning Up

We all enjoy the benefits of a clean house, even if we don’t enjoy having to do the cleaning! Of course, activities like vacuuming can help keep us fit. But cleaning with chemicals can not only be detrimental to our health but harmful while we use them. Bleaches and other cleaners can burn the skin and even kill if they are swallowed. Careful use with protective wear is best. There are many alternatives to these strong cleaners that are far less corrosive and harmful. If you’re looking for a healthier yet hygienic approach why not try a couple of them out?


Life can be fun and exciting. The day-to-day mundane tasks can get you down, or you might see the positive health benefits in them. Be careful with the negative effects on your health, though.