It’s important to teach your kids to code. I must admit we live in a digital age whether we want to accept it or not even our kids are involved. So why not teach your kids to code?Teach Your Kids To Code

I knew the kind of household I was going to have when my then three-year old cried to go into the Apple store.

Coding is not old at all but the way they are introducing it to kids is. With techno kids everywhere it makes sense to teach them coding.

Son: Look what I did in Minecraft!

I watch as he builds blocks and walks around a field.

While learning to code Minecraft his thought process switches from just breaking to having him say look what I created.

I love the excitement on his face when he know he created something. I would rather learn something new in a fun way too!

Teach Your Kids to Code

The computer that teaches kids and adults to code is called Kano.

Kano is a London-based company that empowers people of all ages to make, learn and play with computing, with its system of kits and open coding platform. Its first “computer anyone can make” has shipped to 86 countries around the world to people, ages 6 to 81, who have used it to make PCs, screens, radios, artwork, music, games, Minecraft hacks and more. More than 28 million lines of code have been shared in its online community, Kano World, where anyone can try out Kano’s apps for free.

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Kano helps children develop the how in an age when they only want to do.

What’s inside the Kano Computer Kit

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Wireless Pi Keyboard
  • Speaker
  • Protective Case
  • Power and HDMI Cables
  • SD Card
  • User Manual

My son easy completed this with the step by step guide with his dad. I love the games that stimulate thinking and makes something that looks hard easy even I started to comprehend binary code. Kano uses Kano Block commands, and gameplay.

Teach Your Kids To Code

My son who is six years old even shows my three year old some concepts as well.

So far I love Kano and how it helps kids learn coding with games that they are already familiar with like Minecraft.

Teach Your Kids To Code

To find out more information on the Kano Computer Kit and how to introduce it to your child visit HERE!


If you are looking for other ways to teach your kids to code you can go to the Apple Store Coding classes.

There is also a website called Hour of Code.

Have you introduced computer coding to your child? Do you plan to if you haven’t?


I received the Kano Computer Kit for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own.