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You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Just A Magnificent Mom

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There’s a thin line between worrying too much and doing enough to protect your children and their health. People might say you’re paranoid when you worry about giving them too much junk food. But actually, research has shown that junk food filled with sugar and fats is particularly damaging, even in the early years. It’s one of the main reasons for the high levels of obesity levels in children these days. So, people might call you overbearing, but you’re really just looking after your child’s best interests.


There are lots of issues that can cause health issues for children. It’s the moms that are aware of these problems and tackle them head on who are truly magnificent. It’s not paranoia to worry about these health dangers with kids, it’s just good sense.


Soaps And Detergents

You might think that by keeping your kid’s clothes clean, you are being a great mom. But, you should also think about how you’re cleaning them and what detergents you’re using. Ideally, you should be buying organic detergents with as few man-made chemicals as possible. Studies have shown that some of the chemicals present in top detergents can be dangerous to our health and this is particularly true for children.


The wrong detergents can cause allergies and severe skin irritations. So, if you find that your little one is constantly getting rashes, you might want to switch your detergent to a more natural alternative.


It’s not just in clothes either. Soaps used for washing dishes can be just as dangerous if there is residue left over on plates after they are washed.


Little Bugs

There are lots of parents who couldn’t care less about a few bugs in the home. In fact, you might be surprised by the type of insects some homeowners are willing to live with. But you might be surprised how dangerous these little insects can be.


For instance, you might have a family of termites living in your garage. Since they aren’t in a place where the kids go, you may not be that worried but be careful. If you look at expert sites like, you’ll find that termites create dust particles that spread through the air. These particles can lead to breathing difficulties, particularly for young kids. So it’s best to contact termite control services and banish the bugs as soon as you spot them, no matter where they are or how harmless they seem.

Pet Problems

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Finally, you might love having pets in the home. But they can be dangerous for kids, particularly young babies. Ignoring the fact that even the most obedient pet can turn nasty, there’s also the issue with spreading bugs and diseases. You should think twice about having pets in a home with very young children. And if you do, make sure you are regularly checking them for issues like fleas. Pets can even be dangerous during pregnancy, and you can read about Toxoplasmosis right here if you’re worried.


As you can see then, there are a lot of dangers for kids. In fact, there are enough problems to think that there’s no such thing as worrying too much when you’re a parent.


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