In a culture obsessed with speed and progress, it can become increasingly difficult to find the time to appreciate the slower paced, more traditional things that life has to offer.

Christian worship was once at the heart of society, but it feels that the modern era leaves us with little to praise, and hectic lifestyles coupled with busy schedules only limits our own capacity to pray.

This could not be further from the truth! With new technology comes the opportunity to embrace new forms of worship, providing a great way for the old and the new to collaborate.


It is not enough to simply believe in God. This is not effective worship. One way or another, you must demonstrate your commitment to Him through active praise and prayer, and live a life mindful of your religious responsibilities.


Church Worship


Attending your local church is the one essential of worship, but there is a problem, particularly with the young people obsessed with modernity and comfort.

Church is often viewed as a cold, archaic place, with rock hard seating in the middle of a darkened room, and this in itself can be off-putting to the modern worshipper. However, this could not be further from the truth.

There are many who recognise the important combination of comfort and worship. Seating Concepts church pews, for example, offer a modern and affordable alternative to the cold, wooden benches of yesteryear,  providing worship benches that can make attending church a much more appealing activity.


Rise of technology


“But what about modern technology, which distracts us from the importance of God and religious worship?”


Well, embrace technology! Most people now own a smartphone, and there are many religious apps which can be accessed at the touch of a button, providing religious inspiration whenever it is needed.

This is a more modern, convenient alternative to carrying religious scripture, and there are many varieties available. For a small price, you can own apps which remind you when to pray, or which offer quotes from the Bible at set points throughout the day so that you can always act in accordance with God.      


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Get plugged in

With modern gadgets and gimmicks, admittedly, it can be hard to engage children in traditional religious worship. But there is a way around this.

You can stream religious music or even podcasts/audiobooks onto your child’s device, so that they can always stay connected to their beliefs. Just because this is a different means of religious practice to when you were young doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the wrong choice, but will encourage children to pursue their religion in fun and meaningful ways.
Yes, change can be hard. But with so much potential, so many new ways to find and connect with God, and much more time-efficient ways to welcome Him into your life, there has never been a better time to reinvest yourself in your religious practice.