There are lots of reasons why you might be keen to avoid prescription medicines. For one thing, they can end up costing you a lot of money. Perhaps you simply don’t want to put any kind of artificial drug into your body? Prescribed drugs can often cause nasty side-effects, and some can be quite debilitating. Others are addictive and can be difficult to manage. Do you have a serious or long-term health problem? Your doctor’s advice should be considered, and your medication might even be life-saving. For minor ailments, or to improve your general health, you might not need medicines at all.


Avoiding medication is something many people try to do. It might not be possible all your life. But there are many alternatives for common health complaints like headaches, colds, and indigestion. If your doctor is satisfied there are no major problems with your health, why not explore websites like to find out what options might be available to help you? Of course, the best way to avoid medication is to avoid poor health. How can you do that?


You might start by thinking about maintaining a healthy weight. Perhaps you’d love to fit into that gorgeous dress you tried on in the store? Or maybe you want to take part in a charity run, but your fitness isn’t quite up for it yet? These are all reasons for addressing your health today, but you should really consider your health tomorrow as well. None of us wants to be dependent on our children or carers as we age. None of us has to be. The choices you make for your health today can help ensure you still have good health in the distant future too.

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Good health can be achieved with the right mix of diet and exercise. Eat too much, and you may gain unhealthy weight. Eat too little, and you may not have the energy to exercise, or even focus on your work. You don’t have to restrict yourself to fresh produce to be healthy. Again, it’s about choosing the right mix and getting the balance right.


There is a lot to be said for comfort foods at times, so don’t miss out on those little things in life that make you happy. Instead, mix them into your healthy daily food choices to strike the right balance of nutrition and calories. This could be considered a much more healthy approach to diet than some of the weird fad diets you can find out there!


Most of us have those moments where we feel quite blue. Some of us find those moments can last quite a long time. Depression isn’t the same as feeling sad, and it often requires medical attention and treatment. You can find out more at websites like However, maintaining good health through diet and exercise is important. This can help to alleviate the symptoms of mental health problems like depression. While only your doctor can diagnose and treat this, you can make a difference too.


Good health comes from healthy choices and lifestyles. We can’t always avoid illness, but we can make the right decisions when it comes to diet and exercise. Can you be healthier?