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It used to take a village to raise a child, and it still kind of does. Your family and your friends rally around you when illness happens in the family and will pick up the slack of childcare. This is your village and they have your back when things go sideways. You as a parent know your child better than anyone else, so when they get sick, it’s you who knows how serious it is.

Before you’ve even given birth to your baby, you gain an instinct. You suddenly understand what it is to be a mother once you have held your baby in your arms. You have a heightened awareness because of your child and your intuition is worth its weight in gold. When it comes to raising that sweet baby, never listen to anyone else. No one else is an expert on your child besides you; you built that body, that heart and that brain from absolute scratch.

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Every single day, mothers get fobbed off by people around them. If you believe your child is gifted, and you have worked with them at home to help push their potential, you’re likely to tell the school. Sometimes, you can find yourself up against the educational ‘experts’ who don’t believe that your child is any more gifted than the others in their class. You know your child best. Don’t worry about labels of helicopter mom or pushy parent – it is never pushy to ask for the best education you can get for your child. If the school system won’t listen to you, home schooling is always an option and when your child graduates early and gets into college early, the ‘I told you so’ is sweeter than ever.

When your baby falls ill, you will be the one to know whether it’s serious or not. You’ll be the person to decide whether to take them to see the family doctor or whether to head straight to the ER. You know your child best. Don’t be fobbed off by a doctor who pegs you as a worrisome mom. Sometimes a busy ER or doctor’s office can mean rushed work and your child is overlooked. When this happens, you may need a medical malpractice lawyer, as a mother not being listened to can result in symptoms worsening and a hospital stay – all of which can be avoided. You know your child best and if the doctors don’t listen to you, make yourself heard.

It’s important to always remember that you are the expert in your children. Your instincts are going to be in tune to every emotion, every ache and every happiness your child has. You may feel like this is something that you won’t be able to do – especially before your child is born – but you can. You will always know the right thing to do, the right way to act and while you will be learning as much as you will be teaching, you will always know better than anyone else what is right for your child.