We live in a world that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. There’s so much about which we should feel happy, but there’s also a lot that we need to change for the sake of humanity. It’s hard to believe that you have worth or power as an individual to be part of a positive change for the better, but it’s only as individuals that we can make any difference at all. Finding the strength to make a positive difference in the world is about coming to the realization that your actions will and already do make a difference. If you’re wondering how you could do more to make a change then here are some pieces of advice.

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It’s a word that many of us hate, but politics, at its core, simply involves solving the problems which affect all people. Every man, woman and child on earth is affected either positively or negatively by the world around them, so we all care about politics far more than we care to admit. If you want to start seeing a change in the world around you then perhaps it’s time you got stuck in with your local council.


You may live in a small town, but the world is made up of small towns and cities. Rather than relying on big governments to help you, you could rally the folk of your hometown and start tackling the issues which affect you all. Maybe the local school is suffering in terms of funds, or maybe companies are damaging your local environment. Whatever the case, motivated and outspoken people can start to fix the problems in their communities.

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Challenge your perceptions.

The best way to understand the world’s issues is to step out of your comfort zone; leave the echo chamber which circulates one view. We all have our beliefs about the way the world works or should work, but the way for us to unite as a species is to accept that people have differing opinions. Reading a different newspaper or talking to people with different views to you could help open your eyes to other ways of looking at things. We change the world when we start breaking down barriers which divide us in terms of faith, beliefs and opinions.

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Helping those who cannot help themselves.

There’s a lot of suffering in this world, but so much of it could be avoided if we all did more to help those in need. Even if you don’t think if you have the time or the ability to help those who need it, you could simply donate to a worthy cause and make a huge difference to the lives of more people than you realize.


In fact, you don’t even have to fly too far from the nest to start to make a huge positive impact on the lives of people who are struggling and perhaps don’t have all they need to live a happy life. You could give blood to help save patients in hospitals, as it’d be nice to know that others would do the same for us. You could help children at a local school by putting on educational after-school activities, or you could simply help your neighbor more. There’s no wrong way to start helping others.

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Accept you.

Most importantly, I think, is the need for you to accept you. The biggest way we can make a positive difference in this world is by starting to love and accept not only each other but ourselves. Rather than filling yourself with self-doubt or fear that you can’t achieve the things you want to achieve, you should be valuing your worth and constantly learning or re-learning who you are as a person. Practicing meditation and mindfulness could help you to form a great understanding and appreciation for the simplicity of your body as well as your mind; switching off from the world occasionally isn’t selfish but a way to calm your mind and re-balance yourself. The answer should fill you joy rather than disappointment. We’re all individuals with the power to achieve something great as a collective. That fact shouldn’t ever be understated.