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A lot of lovely ladies have a love/hate thing going on with their foundation. They love it because it can hide any little flaws and create the appearance of perfect skin, but they also hate it because it can be so difficult to get it right.


If you are one of the many women who struggle to apply your foundation flawlessly, hopefully, these tips will help you to remedy the situation:


Find the Perfect Match


First, and most importantly of all, you need to find a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. This can admittedly be tricky, but by visiting your local makeup counter and testing out as many products as possible, you will eventually hit upon the right product.


Start a Skincare Regime


If you haven’t already, it’s time to start a serious skincare regime, where you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin, leaving you with a blank canvas upon which to flawlessly apply your foundation.


Time to Prime


Before you even think about applying your foundation, apply a small amount of primer. You don’t need much, but it will make all the difference by smoothing out your skin, reducing redness and evening out your skin tone.


Slow and Steady


Instead of applying masses of foundation, start slow, applying a small amount and building up until you have the right amount of coverage. This will avoid the cakes foundation look that nobody can pull off.


Start in the Center


When applying foundation, start in the center, where skin tends to be redder and more prone to blemishes, adding a small amount of foundation to the chin, forehead and each side of the nose. Use one of the best every beauty gadgets, the  Beauty Blender to blend outwards for a fresh-faced look that’s completely flawless, radiant and free from noticeable lines and creases.


Do Not Rub

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When applying your foundation, you should never rub it in. Instead, you should use a stippling technique to apply pigment. When you rub makeup in, you just push it around your face, and it can start to streak when you do that.


Set It


Once your foundation looks good, you will want to set it, so that it stays in place and looks better for longer. Using a loose powder such as Blended Loose Powder will give you great results without making your foundation look dull or cakey.


Don’t Forget the Ears


Where a lot of ladies go wrong with concealer is that they forget about the ears, but since the ears are attached to the face, if you want an even, flawless look, you simply must apply a light dusting of foundation to them. Using a makeup brush, delicately cover the ears and blend until they match the rest of your face.


Go Light on the Concealer


If, after completing all the above steps, you find that there are still parts of your face that aren’t covered enough, it’s time to break out the concealer. Concealer should be used only on areas like dark circles, blemishes, and patches of uneven skin tone and only sparingly.