Life gets fast when you have kids. Suddenly, you can see the years passing. And they pass in no time at all. Of course, life gets faster as we grow older anyway. Those long, luxurious days of our youths soon become things of the past. Instead, the days blur into one as we work, and years pass in the blink of an eye. But, when you have children, things start to go even faster. It may simply be because you have real proof of the time passing. Your ever-growing child provides undeniable evidence of time. Or, it may be because the desire to grasp every moment becomes stronger. Whatever the reason, it’s something every parent experiences.

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But, it’s not only time speeding up that’s the problem. Parents also need to act with haste in many aspects of life. You can no longer lie in, or do that job ‘later.’. You have to get things done and fast. Why? Because life isn’t about you anymore. You need to act fast to do right by your kids. As if you needed more proof, here are a few examples of why pick up the pace is important.


Let’s start with the most important point. We all want to set the right example for our children. If they see bad habits in you, they’re likely to develop the same habits in their later lives. So, acting in haste when there’s somewhere to be is crucial. A person who struggles to stick with time management can face major issues in every aspect of their lives. If you fail to get your kids to school on time, they may later struggle to get to work on time. They may find it hard to maintain relationships because they’re always late.Not to mention that failing to get them to school on time will hinder their learning. No parent should be responsible for that.

If timekeeping isn’t your strong point, get into the habit of setting the alarm. In an ideal world, you need to be up before your children. If they have to wake you up in the mornings, you’re doing things wrong. Set your alarm at least two hours before you need to take them. That way, you have time to get yourself ready, as well as them.

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Remember what we said about how fast time goes once you have children?  The future doesn’t wait, so leaving those important jobs until later could be catastrophic. As soon as possible, you need to sign your kids into a local school. Desirable schools have long waiting lists, so there’s no such thing as too soon. In some cases, you need to get your kids signed up as soon as they’re born. It may seem extreme, but it’s the best way to ensure their place. Of course, not all schools will accept applicants that far in advance. If that’s the case, find out when you can apply, and make sure to write in your diary so you can act fast when the time comes!

The same haste is necessary when it comes to getting them into the best college in their later years. Make sure not to leave this until the last minute. As soon as possible, you need to take them to open events and encourage them to make their decision. It’s no exaggeration to say that such a decision can affect the rest of their life. At this stage, they’ll be very much involved in the process, so it’s another perfect chance to set a good example. If you emphasize the importance of haste to your child, they stand a better chance of getting accepted to their chosen college.


Acting fast in matters of health can mean the difference between life and death. When you have the responsibility of kids on your shoulders, it’s all too easy to get into a panic when things go wrong. But it’s crucial you keep a cool head. It’s the only way to get them the care they need. Take a little time to work out the closest route to the hospital. That way, you can get there in no time if you need to. Bear in mind, too, that hospital waiting times can be long. If there’s a serious injury, your chances of being seen straight away do increase. But, even if the situation isn’t dangerous, your child may be in discomfort. Avoid prolonging the pain by turning to alternatives like immediate care services. These alternatives to A&E could make all the difference. Let’s face it; no parent wants to see their child suffering for longer than necessary. Again, make sure you know where your closest center is just in case.


All these serious points aside, there is a much more fundamental reason to grab time by the horns when your kids come along. Time won’t ever have felt so precious to you. If you don’t make the most of the time you have, it’ll be over before you know it. You’ll never forgive yourself if you let the days pass without appreciating them. Don’t hesitate to take as many family outings as possible. Lazy days are all well and good, but what a waste of time they are. Make sure to appreciate your family every moment you get. That’s not to say you need to be rushed off your feet all the time. It’s possible to enjoy time at home together, too. But, make sure that you appreciate each other’s company at every opportunity. You can’t afford to waste time locked away in separate rooms. Make an effort to host family meals, games, and movie nights. This time together is where fond memories are made.

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So, there you have it. A quick fire guide to why your life needs to enter the fast lane once you have children. Now, stop wasting time, and go and appreciate what you’ve got!