When you ask people what’s holding them back they won’t often say it’s fear. So many of us don’t realize that our decision making is often clouded by anxiety. We often won’t leave the job we despise for fear of the unknown. Sometimes we won’t nurture a hobby or talent because we’re scared we won’t be good enough. Other times we’d rather stay in that push ourselves to do something outside of our comfort zone. Living a comfortable life is all well and good, but to grow and experience things you need to go beyond that. It will involve doing things we’re afraid of, and not let fear govern us.


What it comes down to is changing the voice in your head. The one which currently says ‘I can’t do this’, needs to be replaced with a less fearful and more encouraging voice. It starts with faking it. You’ve heard the expression ‘fake it ‘till you make it.’ It turns out there’s a lot of truth to this. The more you pretend to feel confident, the more confident you’ll actually become. In effect, you’ll be practicing without even realizing it. Fear can be a good thing because it keeps us safe. When it’s excessive it becomes detrimental. Facing your fears is another good way to get over them. Tackle what worries you head on, good or bad, you won’t be scared of the unknown anymore.




All kinds of substances can be toxic in our lives. Being truly healthy and happy means getting rid of these toxic substances. We need to replace them with things that make us feel good, and are good for us. Drinking, drug taking, smoking, and even eating unhealthily can all impact us. They can make us feel depressed, lose sense of reality, increase our chance of illness, and alienate us from our families. If you are dependent on drugs, a self-help group, rehab clinic, and counseling may all be necessary. In terms of smoking, switching to vapes is a good first step. Get a coupon code for Vista Vapors to get some money off your new quit smoking aid.



To be truly happy we need to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good. The type of people who lift us up when we’re down and celebrate our achievements with us. Toxic people can have a huge impact on our lives, and make us think and feel negatively. People who make your self-esteem plummet aren’t good to be around, neither are people who make you lose your temper or people you dread seeing. The best thing to do is limit contact with these types of people. Do be honest and express how you’re feeling. If the situation doesn’t improve, protect yourself and your happiness.