Most of us have at least one bad memory of a family camping holiday when we were younger. Stuck inside a tiny tent, the pounding rain leaking through the top. A whole week spent freezing cold, wet and miserable, arguing with each other about who’s fault it was. That was in the olden days of camping. Things have moved on a lot since then and there are plenty of ways that you can do camping properly. There are so many great tips and tricks to make the trip more enjoyable, Off Grid Spot run a blog, that offers some great insights into the equipment needed and many more useful tips! If you do it right, camping is a wonderful way to spend time with the family and it would be a shame if your kids didn’t have the same camping memories that you do. Well, the good ones anyway. If you’re thinking of trying to create your own camping tradition next time you go on a family vacation, here are a few ways that you can make it a bit more comfortable.


Get A Good Tent

A good tent is, of course, the key to comfortable camping. The professional campers these days will tell you that you need to have a tent that you can stand upright in. It doesn’t seem like a big thing but it will change your experience so much. One of the things that puts people off camping is the idea of being stuck in a cramped little tent for a week. If you can walk around without being hunched over, you’ll almost forget that you’re in a tent. One of the best value tents out there is the Vango Talos 400; it will only fit two in so you’ll need something else for the kids. It is very cheap, coming in at around $150. If you’d rather camp in style, get a motorhome. They can be costly but if you use a website like, it can be affordable.

Consider Alternatives To Tents

For some people, even the best tents on the market don’t offer enough comfort. If you want to get them out into the wilderness, they’ll need a few more creature comforts. A family vacation in an airstream is a good alternative to the traditional tent. You’ll still have all of the benefits of camping; being out in the wilderness and enjoying the tranquility, but you don’t need to worry too much about the elements ripping your tent out of the ground. It’s a good happy medium for those that aren’t too keen on camping.

Glamping sites are also good. They are still technically tents, but they are far more luxurious than your standard tent. Most glamping sites have permanent fixtures so you don’t have to worry about putting up the tent in the rain, which tends to be one of the things that people hate most about camping.

Get Some Gadgets

There are so many camping gadgets out there that can make your experience a much more luxurious one. All of the problems that people have with camping can be fixed with some of these clever items. Here are a few favorites.

Camping tables are a must. Getting a few that can fold down will stop you from having to keep all of your stuff on the floor and allow you to live like you would at home.

A good camping stove is also a must, combine it with a stovetop espresso maker and you’ll be laughing. After all, you can’t go away for the week without having a morning cup of coffee. If you’re away in the caravan for a weekend, Caravan kettles are convenient appliances for when you’re wanting to brew up your next hot drink.
These are just a few of the essentials, but if you have a look around you will find plenty of things that can make your camping trip a dream rather than a nightmare.